7 Items You Won't Believe Are Actually Legal

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7 Items You Won't Believe Are Actually Legal

Some things that i wasnt even aware of on that list...




gonna be a busy weekend!

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A few dozen more things that

A few dozen more things that you might want to know about can be found over at:



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7. In small scale as a kid,

7. In small scale as a kid, I used to light deodorants on fire.

6. They made salvia illegal in my country before I could try it. Smiling Anyway drugs shouldn't be illegal.

5. I love explosions.

4. Who in the right mind would ban improvised weapons, it is absolutely any household item.

3. I've got some "amateur terrorists handbook", fun reading, gonna use that new learned wisdom.

2. Holy balls, who could donate me some cash, I need minigun!!!

1. Thermite is great for disposal of bodies. I promise I will use legal means to dispose of my victims. Ops, you heard too much, forget what I said. Laughing out loud

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The Doomed Soul wrote:Some

The Doomed Soul wrote:

Some things that i wasnt even aware of on that list...


gonna be a busy weekend!

I was all into these things when I was 13. I did a lot of fire, smoke, explosions and gardening.

I'll share my favorite recipe:
65 grams of potassium nitrate
35 grams of sorbitol (a sugar for diabetics, available at pharmacy store)
...and perhaps a tiny bit of zinc oxide (used for painting the walls white)


Dissolve this in 35 ml of water and boil it, so that it dries up. Once it is completely dry (and maybe slightly molten) make a balls of it and onto every ball put a few heads from the 'cowboy matches'. (not safety matches, I mean these which you can ignite by scratching it on any rugged surface) Once it cools down, you have a very nice smoke grenade, which makes an awful lot of smoke. I was able to make the above mentioned dose for less than 2 dollars.
 We kids had so much fun with these smoke grenades. Throwing them out of the school's window, for example.

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