Gangs, By Brian37

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Gangs, By Brian37
Gangs, By Brian37

Jets vs Sharks
Blue vs Red
Harems vs Dradles
Humanity divides

To the end
We all seem to be
Attached to our own

It is a drive by
On a global scale
I will cap opposition
Send it to hell

This is the best
That we have
Dominance paramount
Empathy scrapped

Blood be not
You to me
If my Krypt
You shall seek

You give it a label
Cheer with glee
Shredding the limbs
Of innocence

Your alpha is not
An omega appeal
A mere ego's protection
Of being on top

Your deity's failure
In history
Is recognizing gangs
Are misery

Nukes and Glocks
Both weapons be
Neighborhoods and nations
Are throats to slit

Throats to slit
If not to submit
Because of a tattoo
Or where we were born

You are not like me
I must warn
My will be done
Least ye be torn

Yet this cosmos
Will continue on
Even after
Gangs are gone

Flurry flurry
Bill once said
Futile race
To obscurity

Gangs gangs
With their parties
With hand gestures
And flags so proud

The local and global
Are the same
We want our "props"
And our fame

To transgress
Leads to blood
Forgetting the veins
We all have

Dust must collect
On this vile word
Gangs must decay
For us to survive


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nice poem





       Be honest you only wrote that to irritate the crap out of treat2, didn't you?

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 Reads in the text as well

 Reads in the text as well as when you read it out loud to me over Skype.

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Excellent work