I am indeed, awesome.

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I am indeed, awesome.

Email I got from a friend who I was discussing some issues with. Tell me what ya'll think."


You actually amaze me. I cannot condemn a man for his beliefs when he has spent so much time studying to find what he believes, doesn't believe, and questions why on both sides. You have absolutely spent more time trying to prove His non existence than I have trying to prove the He does exist. I only wish that you felt towards God the way I do, I only say that because I would love to learn learn more about Him from you. Not because of any other ulterior motive!

Again, I will say that believing in God is right for me. This is one of the few things I do not question. Whether it is for the purpose of comfort, fear or some other reason. I just "know" it is right. I have a problem with certain aspects of being a christian, like the going to church story that I told to you last night, but at the end of the day I do have guilt about not going as often as I should.

You are a very insightful man and I do know that you will overcome the obstacles you encounter in life. But I do think that time will either make your current convictions strong OR make you question them to the point that you find answers elsewhere.

Also, by being a mother I can understand a little more of some of the things that we finished our talk on last night. You stated something about .... if we are God's children then why would he make some of us suffer.... (paraphrase, please tell me if I took out of context)... as a mother there are times that I "allow" my children to make error even when I know the outcome will create pain of some sort. There are things as humans that we just need to learn, otherwise we cannot fully appreciate them or respect them.

To me morality is tied into the commandments, however along the way different thoughts and opinions of morality have either been added, changed or distorted. Bottom line, the commandments are what I would call pretty much common sense things... if you break one they have a direct "painful" effect on another human. In today's society we are all about "me", and I am a guilty party as well. But there once was a time that helping a fellow man was just the way of life. With that said, my belief about helping is the cliche that I believe in a hand up not a handout.

Now, although I believe the below you pulled from text has some very powerful words behind it, to me, most of it is just philosophical ramblings. To time is trying to disprove God by using words and phrases and phrases and words that makes the reader confused about what they are reading which in turns make them confused about God, however it does not give proof that He does not exist.

I wish I had more time to spend studying more on your below email so that I could give a much better response than the one I have given, but unfortunately I just do not have the time right now. Come winter break though I will be looking for something to fill my days up again!

I really appreciate that I have found someone like you that I can actually debate with and feel comfortable enough with that you don't just down right piss me off. It is actually kind of funny, because like I said last night, there are very few people through my life that I have actually befriended after forming an initial opinion that they SUCK and you, my friend, fit into that category. Although we are only merely friends from school you are the only "school friend" that I have dedicated this much of my personal time to!

Lastly, I do not want you to think that I am "coming on" to you or "hitting" on you.... I just want that understood, because I usually do not allow someone in on the level that I talk so openly about MY feelings and life (especially from the previous paragraph). I do not want you creeped out that some old lady is making the moves on you, as that is not the case.

Talk to you later! Looking forward to the sequel on love and purpose!


-- I made that post about love and purpose to see what you guys thought. Those are alot harder for me to answer and argue than morality so I am currently trying to put together some other thoughts.

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She's totally hitting on you

She's totally hitting on you