The Atheist God I Don't Believe In

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The Atheist God I Don't Believe In

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The Atheist God I Don't Believe In

Someone accused me of secretly being a theist; and I admitted that ...I sometimes slip, and when I do, I believe in the Atheist God.

If there were a god it would be the Atheist God. The Atheist God is honest and rational and an atheist, just like me. The Atheist God is an atheist because he knows that there are no higher gods because there is no reasonable evidence that they exist. The Atheist God does not want you to worship him or love him or have a relationship with him or obey him - he only wants you to be honest and rational. The atheist god is not omni anything and did not create or design anything and does not do magic tricks and has no moral commandments except to be rational. Irrationality, such as, believing things without sufficient evidence is an evil sin, and rationality, such as, having reasonable doubts about your beliefs is a virtue.

If there were a heaven then the Atheist God takes rational atheists to heaven to party forever. If there were a hell then the Atheist God throws the wicked irrational theists in hell to burn alive forever in a lake of fire. The hiddenness of the Atheist God is a test to see who is rational enough to not believe in gods and deserve to be in heaven.

The atheist god is a lot more likely than any other gods because he just makes more sense.

When I slip and become a theist, then I just contemplate the wonderful rationality and honesty and ultimate atheism of the Atheist God, and it always brings me joy and rationality, and soon I am a true atheist again.

Do not be tricked by the wicked Christian and other theist apologists, they just want to lead you into sin, and to worship the satanical false gods they created in their evil minds, and then you may burn alive in the lake of fire forever with the fundamentalists and rabid Pentecostals and faith healing televangelists and young-earth anti-evolutionist crackpots ( could I please have a few more nominations ).


when you say "faith" I think "evil lies"
when you say "god" I think "santa clause"

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Yeah , some will say my

Yeah , some will say my atheism is my religion, my faith. To them I laugh. No I reply, I am god, I am what is .... Heaven and Hell do exist as mental emotional states at this god level of consciousness. Pain / Joy, Peace / Confusion .....  To be an atheist is to only reject god concepts of theistic theology.

That is why I take my atheism further and say I AM GOD, just AS YOU, and challenge any that dare to disagree. Slaying religion, idol worship, is why I say WE ARE GOD. I always giggle when I ask, "what isn't god"? God just means reality to me, as any omni creator god master of religion dogma design is absolutely laughable and sad to me.

  In this seemingly deterministic reality there are no winners nor losers, just as neither could exist without the other. To think what we call life (consciousness) is a gift, as a positive thing over a negative non life (non consciousness) , seems a human fantasy of innate egotistical prejudice judgment. Is consciousness a desire? What worth is it? To a better what ???

Is the cosmos, reality, "god", concerned, worried, hopeful, joyed, judgmental, angry, fighting?  What is joy and fun except to escape pain and suffering for us? Life / Death ... Glee / Sarrow ...  WHAT IS GOING ON ???  What is this "will" to know in our  heads of questions wanting answers ????  No faith will answer .... all we can honestly do is think , and that is science, that is the deepest meditation, a rejection of begging, a rejection of praying to an invented caring master.

 There is no possible surrendering, as there are no winners, as there is no cosmic war, as all is equally just interacting .... so why war among we humans ??? We are fucking stupid is why .... We still think life is an endless war to be competitively fought for ownership, when nothing can be owned ... Aha , errr, shit, .... many people scare me .... My words fail .... I am getting close to becoming a hermit ...

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Point made: God is a

Point made: God is a superego projection.