Did Cheny hand Dems the ellection?

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Did Cheny hand Dems the ellection?

McCain didn't help himself, but did the margin grow because of Cheney's nicely timed endorsement of McCain? What was he thinking? Did he think it wouldn't be taped?

OR is the throwing his mess at Dems in order to blame them in 4 years to get the party in power again? Did he throw McCain under the bus, or was he just being stupid?

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Bush seemed to distance

Bush seemed to distance himself from McInsane in order to help the repubs win the election, but Cheney just couldn't keep his mouth shut (go figure). I don't think his endorsement hurt McCain for all intents and purposes. What I found odd was that McCain didn't rebuke Cheney's endorsement as hard as he tried to distance himself from the Bush administration.

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Veep Cheney is a LOT of

Veep Cheney is a LOT of things.... not the least of which are.... a crack shot with any firearm (oops, sorry 'bout that ol huntin' buddy!)  AND  well, being a -- dick.

I don't think his "endorsement" meant much to anyone and while it certainly could have lost McSame a few votes, I feel it came so late that I don't think it had much overall effect. Also think he really believed his last minute heroics would be just that, and of course, Team Jobama still won.