That was creepy

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That was creepy

Brian, I was looking up rational in a dictionary to find synonyms for whenever I use the word I can use different variations,

I don't know was just trying to learn something.

But anyway I don't know if anyone in here knows this or if it's been posted before but sapient is actually a synonym of rational.

I know that isen't your real last name because it was said in the debate on nightline, but thats pretty neat I never thought of that alias to be a synonym of rational.

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 I had always just assumed

 I had always just assumed that he legally changed it, or just assigned it to himself.


If it's open for discussion, then I vote legally change it if it's not yet legal.

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Yep, sapient derives from

Yep, sapient derives from the Latin sapientia, meaning wisdom. Our species name, Homo sapiens, means Man With Wisdom Smiling

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Was it Sophocles who said

Was it Sophocles who said "The man who himself he calls wise is the most ignorant man of all?"


It does have a touch of hubris about it.

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FWIW...Aaron from the


Aaron from the Atheist Network suggested the name for me after using my real name resulted in a serious death threat about 9 years ago in my early days of online debate.  Of course at the time the idea of RRS and any connection to the word rational were very far away, so there was no purposeful intent to connect "sapient" with "rational" at that point."

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