Atheists can afford to make mistakes

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Atheists can afford to make mistakes

Atheism is more trustworthy than theism as it is a concept made by humans and is aware of that unlike theism which is a concept made by humans and unaware of that. Therefore atheism can afford to make mistakes and own up to them as we are not perfect, we're just part of a chain in evolution. Atheists don't jump to any conclusions about how the world came about unlike theism in which assumptions have already been made many many years beforehand and assumptions that need to be stuck by.


"Faith means not wanting to know what is true"
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

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The word atheism is a man

The word atheism is a man made word of course, but it's a word that simply describes the default position of all humans ever born.  I wonder if there is a better way to explain what you're trying to get at.  For example a discussion of the close-minded attitude that faith brings, in preaching trust of things that can't be proven.  Whereas atheism has no tenets to preach trust of anything, especially of unproven or unprovable concepts.  Atheism is simply the absence of theism, it only is needed as a word because theism was invented by humans.  Before theism was created by man, every creature to walk the planet was atheist without even knowing of a word to describe their atheism.


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I'm not sure I understand

I'm not sure I understand the use of the word "trustworthy" in the statement above, though I think I agree with the general point.


Atheism is without doubt a more rational, honest and credible standpoint than theism, which obliges its subscriber to disregard common sense and defend that strange decision with fervour, a mentality which itself engenders incredible dishonesty and self-delusion.


But as Brian says, since atheism itself means simply an absence of such delusional tendencies with regard to deity, it is not ipso facto "trustworthy" in itself, at least as a guarantee against being unrealistic, since it does not preclude delusion completely.


But that said, the rational mind does not need to "trust" in atheism since there is no rational alternative, and liberated from the committment to justify the unjustifiable an atheist is more likely to have the time and clear thinking required to thoughtfully extend this refusal to take things on trust to other areas of life too.

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