Australian teenager arrested for wearing a blasphemous t-shirt

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Australian teenager arrested for wearing a blasphemous t-shirt,23599,23919553-2,00.html

An Australian teenager was arrested for wearing a Craddle of Filth t-shirt with a picture of a nun masturbating and the slogan 'Jesus is a cunt'. This is apparently a public nuisance under Queensland state law.


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That's fucked up. And I SO

That's fucked up.


And I SO want that T shirt!

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And here I was thinking of

And here I was thinking of selling my place and moving to Australia to get away from fucked up fundies here. Guess they have the same problem.  Wouldn't mind taking the arresting cop to task in a debate, but I'd probably get arrested for that.  That's such bullshit and I'd love to tell the fundy to take his sins and shove them right up his tight ass sideways and rotate. What really gets me is the reporter going to some fucking preacher as though what he says means something. Religion is out of control, it needs to get its ass stomped somehow.


"Erecting the 'wall of separation between church and state,' therefore, is absolutely essential in a free society." Thomas Jefferson

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OrMary was a virgin if you


Mary was a virgin if you don't count anal.




The koran, now in two-ply with a graphic of a dude taking a dump and holding the koran.


I own and regularly wear the latter two.



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