Fodder for the mind (A reply back)

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Right on !
Thanks for the reply.
I just hope the world lands in
a better place somehow soon;
I write my thoughts and feelings
so that………maybe it can help.

I'm not in the least bit religious
because of the nasty stuff that
it produces.
I got home from out of town late,
(or should I say early in the morning)
turned on the TV. and watched Sunday
morning mass.
I tune in every now and again to see
what new from of junk there spreading.
Today, (funny enough) was outright gay
bashing, and right after that was the typical
"If you don't believe in Jesus then your
Targeting an audience of 65 and over,
stating that the lack of Jesus is a result of
drug use and crime.
Personally, I think that there's a lack of Jesus
because……………….there's a lack of Jesus.

Anyways, it doesn't matter what religion is your
flavor of the year, or what church is a little better
because they interpret the bible a bit different.
My concern is for the world to be a better place and
religion is no more than a wedge between free thought
of the mind, and more simply; an unfriendly way to
meet and greet people around the world.
{Hi how ya doing, the book I'm reading says to kill you
because your in my holy land...}
[Nope you’re wrong; this is my holy land and my book
commands me to kill you for being on it.]
…I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem reasonable to approach a
“potential friend” by automatically showing that you disagree
with them with things like:
*A cross hanging in front of your chest.
*A turban on your head.
*A dot on your forehead.
*Rosary beads around your neck.
*A Yamaka on your head
And so on…….
It’s just bordering the lines of being
openly racist, using religious
symbols to give a heading of how
opposite you are before a hand
shake even gets extended.
Many people have piercings, tattoos
or something that makes them who they are,
but having a world wide standard like a turban
or a cross that more or less slices people
apart on site, is never-the-less a questionable
introduction towards someone you’ve never
meet other side of the planet that has the
opposite markings on themselves as well.
Seeing is believing and from my point of view
these sheer subtleties have not brought forth
any signs of peace around the globe.
A new course must be taken before any
further damage is done to the planet.
I appreciate your response and hope you
take notice to the way things are going and
think about change.
Gotta go !
Les xo
Ps. The way I put it, the symbolistic antidote
I used is very extreme.
It’s more of just a fodder for the mind……..
just to keep myself thinking.
Writing is fun.
Thanks again for your views and keep writing.

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Yes. Religion divides. It

Yes. Religion divides. It uses illogical tactics to get people to join thier "gang" without any real dilalogues or understanding differences.

"Respect my beliefs" while secretly or openly not respecting others beliefs. Yet even without really being self aware sometimes we might to some degree large or small act in some way according to beliefs. Religion is afraid offline to tests thier beliefs and only try to gain converts while singing to the chior.

You can not solve religious bigotry with religious bigotry -Faith or Bare Belief.

Faith is irrational discrimination, where the prejudices of our ancestors that we hold are not logically tested. ( logic and evidences are the only fair way to discriminate for or against people places and things, or ideas/methods and beliefs)

Each individual has Faith, and holy books are irrational, and so how can we reason with eachother about people, places, things, ideas/methods when we all are being irrational? You can not bring one to reason with Faith. There is nothing more dangerous than a prejudice based on Faith. It is hard to reach people who discriminate based on "God says" when all everyone has is Faith, which is irrational.

Our ancestors WERE fallable flesh and blood human being, just like us, and so are thier stories of God. Reason is the most fair way to overcome differences.

Indeed lapdanceles. Food for thought . I agree with you. Maybe food for starving peoples , without preying on thier hardships, ( Religion trys getting them to prostitute thier minds and hearts for help) ,as well, like what we see sometimes from religion.

Food and medicine, simply for the sake of helping, as well as finding rational ways to reduce the harm that can come from irrational discrimination like Faith.