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Fodder for the mind (A reply back)

Right on !
Thanks for the reply.
I just hope the world lands in
a better place somehow soon;
I write my thoughts and feelings
so that………maybe it can help.

I'm not in the least bit religious
because of the nasty stuff that
it produces.
I got home from out of town late,
(or should I say early in the morning)
turned on the TV. and watched Sunday
morning mass.
I tune in every now and again to see
what new from of junk there spreading.
Today, (funny enough) was outright gay
bashing, and right after that was the typical
"If you don't believe in Jesus then your

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Save the World Stop Religion !!!!!


I wrote this a couple of years ago, it's a small

part of a bigger page.

I read archeology up dates on the web.

It's nice to know the truth about this planet.

Religion suppresses that knowledge, and

archeological digs are being shut down because of it.

Maybe some day if truth has a chance to prevail peace

can finally fill the minds of this world.

I think there’s an old saying that goes something like;

“Rumor will circle the earth a half dozen times,

while the truth is still buckling its shoes”.

This is what I wrote:

10 Commandments

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