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Open mail to Vaticano
(the bomb)

An ex-priest, converted to atheism, ridicules Catholicism by showing the nonsense of its dogmas

In light of the recent closings, on behalf of the Vatican, of five Internet sites for blasphemy, I, Luigi Cascioli, have started today, with this letter sent to the Osservatore Romano, the war which I had already announced with my critical book, "The Fable of Christ".
Considering it useless to continue a fight based on doctrinal theoretical argumentation, I decided to attack the Catholic Church by turning against itself, in the most realistic and practical form, the weapons they themselves used to impose their institutions, like the sacraments of Eucharist and Priesthood.
To understand the nature of the bomb to which I refer, a bomb made with the assistance of an ex-priest whose identity will be revealed at the right time, a short explanation on what the Priesthood and the Eucharist are is necessary.
The Hebrews and the pagans consider Priesthood as a revocable title because, being acquired by heredity or personal appropriation, they make it depend on a human decision; the Catholics, on the contrary, make it depend on a divine call (vocation), and it assumes an eternal character.
"No one can adopt this name (priest), but only those who are called by God". (V-4 Hebrews).
To provide evidence that Catholic priests are elected directly by God to lead their ministry, the Church proposes the extracts of the Gospels which show how the apostles became such, not by their own decision but by a direct call from Jesus: “Whereas he went along the Sea of Galilee, Jesus saw two brothers, Andrea and Simon, who were throwing their nets to the sea, since they were fishermen. And he said to them: "Follow me, as I have chosen you among all the others to make you fishers of men (meaning priests). And they followed him leaving the nets. Continuing on, he also saw Jacques of Zebedeo and his brother John who were repairing their nets. He called them, and they followed him leaving their father on the boat with the boys.” And so, looking to the right and to the left, following his divine sense of smell of priest selection, he called to his company the twelve others who, after three years of training became, thanks to the Holy Spirit, priests for eternity. By the command of a certain Melchisedech, who is presented to us in the Bible as the first recipient of priesthood of the very powerful God, and who, as a precursor of the institution of the Eucharistic sacrament, offered to Abraham a piece of bread and a glass of wine.

The formula which indeed seals the treaty of alliance between the priest and God at the time of the nomination is: " You are a priest for eternity according to the command of Melchisedech ".
(For your information, I specify that the extract relating to Melchisedech was added on the Bible between the IVth and Vth century by Christian forgers to release Christianity from any dependence on Aaron, brother of Moses, founder of the Hebraic priesthood).
What actually is this priesthood, according to Catholic theology? Catholic priesthood is a pact based on the reciprocity of fidelity, stipulated between a man chosen by God and God himself, in which the contractors promise to each other, the first to achieve its sacerdotal mission in the respect of evangelic morals and the second to guarantee, for eternity, the essential Grace to achieve its sacerdotal mission.
To answer the obvious question: "How can the Church speak about eternity in priesthood when so many priests give up their clerical dress to embrace the laic life, to follow another religion, or even convert to atheism by a rejection or loss of faith? "
And so, answers the Church, whatever the cause for which a priest breaks the contract stipulated with God, he will always remain, in spite of what he has done, a priest for eternity. "Secundum ordinem Melchisedech" as according to what Jesus said in the Gospels, i.e. the man cannot untie on Earth what was tied in the skies. It is not the human language, often inaccurate, which decides the validity of the alliance but only God, who remains immutable for eternity.

This theological concept, confirmed by Saint-Paul, pillar of Christianity, in the first letter to Timothy (IV-14): " The grace which the bishop confers to the priest during the nomination will not be lost, even if disavowed, being able to revive itself to defer on the right road whoever lost it", and repeated and confirmed by Saint-Augustan : " Priesthood is a sacred and permanent nomination, and so indelible that it remains in the heart as forever sealed", and is continuously validated in the sacred texts as in I Timothy (V/14) and II Timothy (6-7). I can then only agree with the Church (it is the first time it this has happened to me), that "sacred processing, or nomination of the priesthood, which is achieved with external words and signs, is not a simple rite of election of the Ministers of the word and sacraments; not a human invention, but a true sacrament instituted by Christ for the attribution of the grace which, by giving the character of the Holy Spirit, prevents the priest from becoming secularist again, even if, because of some disagreements, he was reduced by the Church to the condition of secularist. "

The atheism of a priest does not cancel Priesthood .
If atheism does not cancel priesthood, how can the Church defend itself against the attacks of an ex-priest who doesn’t believe in the sacraments anymore, and could act against it by the means of profanation, aiming to show the nonsense of what is known as "the theological truths" like, for example, to feed the dogs with bread (priesthood eternal), previously transformed into body of Christ? Practically none. The only weapons available to the Church, which are excommunication and front suspension “a divinis”, are absolutely ineffective against the possible reprisals which a priest could make against it.

Excommunication and front suspension “a divinis” .
"Excommunication is a censure which prevents the enjoyment of the rights and the spiritual and temporal benefits deriving from the communion of believers".
What is the Community of Believers?
The communion of faithful is represented by the pleasure of the rights and the spiritual and temporal benefit deriving from the membership to the Church as an external and visible group, such as for example receiving the communion, confessing themselves, to take part in the religious rites, to assume ecclesiastical titles, to receive the retirement of the Holy Church, to organize Christian oratories and circles, etc. Those are the privileges separate from the other essence of the Church represented by the Communion of the Saints.
What is this the communion of the Saints?
The communion of the Saints, representing all that is interior, is the spiritual part of the Church which, founded on the faith, makes all the believers, dead or alive, unified to each other and to Jesus Christ their lord, and makes them participants in the spiritual goods of each other.
In order to explain the difference between the Communion of Believers and the Communion of the Saints let us take a ruby as an example. The cut of the stone, determined by the man, is the Communion of the believers, and the red color intrinsic to its atomic composition, is the Communion of the Saints.
The exclusion of the Communion of believers, having thus only an external effect, for example the prohibition of leading religious rites, cannot consequently prevent one ex-priest, if ever he wanted it, to use (even by making a sacrilege with respect to the Church) some of the faculties which were conceded to him by the Holy Spirit. The priest is able to celebrate the Eucharist and the discharge of sins, by this Grace which perpetually remains in him like an indelible mark (red color of the ruby). And it is true that the Church recognizes that one ex-priest, even if excommunicated and suspended a divinis, can exonerate sins to dying men if he was witness of a road accident.

The Church was obliged to make priesthood independent when, following the immoral decision of priests to become atheists, the believers wondered whether the sacraments celebrated in the state of sin or atheism could be considered valid. The confirmation of the validity of priesthood, declared by the Council of Lateran, received opposition on behalf of those who, seeing in it the serious dangers that this confirmation could bring to Christianity, by they refused to give the same title to those who were deconverts as a result of the Protestant Reformation.
The Church, trying to deal with the problem that celebrations will remain valid even if carried out by a priest in a state of sin and atheism, tries to correct this serious threat which would make it powerless towards any form of attacks by secular priests, by saying: “The exclusion of the communion of believers not only produces an external effect but also an interior one, because it obliges the conscience.”

But tell me, you theologists of the catholic Church, apart from the fact that acknowledging the conscience of secularists is an obvious sign of weakness, of which conscience are you talking about? The atheist or the believer one? What meaning can this call to the conscience have when everybody experiences it according to its own morality and his own convictions? And if, at this time, we have to talk about morality, I strongly doubt that the Church has many arguments to defend its morality!
Moreover if the Church were to recognize null all the celebrations which were and are still made by an atheistic clergy, very little would result valid since at least 80% of the priests do not believe in God. It is enough to point out the Popes Leon X and Paul III who declared themselves nonbelievers by denying the existence of Jesus; Monseigneur Prosper Alfaric who stated in his book to have celebrated the mass in a state of perfect atheism; the priest of Etrepigny (FR), Jean Meslier, died in 1733, which in his testament read after death, expressed sorrow to his parishioners for having seduced them into accepting over the years lies of the Christian religion by fear of punishment by God, and many others who declared their atheism right in the middle of their sacerdotal functions.
Which other virtue can be worthier of praises than the courage of one secularist who, having understood your imposture and your immorality, used the capacities that you gave him in order to fight you with your own weapons?

The more we observe and know you, the more obvious appears your fragility. Having linked in only one identity the transcendental figure of God with that, human, of Jesus-Christ, shows your theological superficiality and your weakness. A dogma that you defended not with logic and reason, as should be the case for ideologies worthy of these attributes, but with plagiarism, the violence of massacres, and burnings at the stakes, crimes which you defend with blackmail and reprisals. The latest to date is the closing of five Internet websites opposed to you. This is the droplet that caused the dam to break, and I am now determined to destroy you.

If I say that I am not alone in this fight against you, I do not only refer to courageous, very few, who support me by the means of the Association Confabulated and to which, as a President, I leave full freedom decide if they want to take part or not in this action. As for my secularist friend (whose name will be revealed at the right time) who agreed, with enthusiasm, to use the eternal and indelible Grace received by your Holy Spirit, to unite with me in order to put an end to your communion of believers of which enormous wealth (I speak here about economic wealth), and whose power (I refer to the political one) are not for us reason for tender or fear but on the contrary to resolution and encouragement at the point to send to you, most strongly the following ultimatum: " At the first echo of any repression or censures carried out by you on Internet websites opposed to you, even if only a simple boycott, we will begin the wine transformation into blood of Christ. But I refer to barrels, million hectoliters of wine, and the places where the" transformation” will be done will be communicated to you via e-mail which will be simultaneously sent to thousands of citizens, public and private organizations, including the press and the mass-media, so that everyone learns it".
I am really curious to see how your economic and political power, represented by the Communion of believers, will be able to succeed in saving the ghostly Communion of the Saints, when the transsubstantiations have an industrial flow and the wine, transformed into blood of Jesus-Christ (your hero actually never existed), will be put on sale at two Euros per liter.

A priest to whom I was talking to about this some time ago, after having calmed down from his previous horror, answered me that only a person without conscience could achieve such a sacrilege. And well, if the conscience is the moral evaluation of our own actions, understood like supreme criterion of morality, how do you dare, o Dynasties of Criminals, to judge the consciences of the others? How can you, falsifiers of documents and enemies to any principle of justice, force us to respect your Utopias and your nonsense's, to make us believe that magic can transform the nature of matter, as in our case the wine and the bread, in the body of a person who never existed?
My conscience, of a reasoning atheist and human character, wanting to free humanity of your abuses, doesn't care about your precepts passionately, and it forces me to act in the most determined and urgent way to destroy your Communion of Saints, which served you so much to impudently make your imperialism powerful, or in speaking of what you call the Community of the Believers, by concealing, by plundering and forcing the masses to succumb to the terror of your massacres, your genocide, your blackmails and your vengeance.

We are much more powerful than you can imagine. The list of the associates, represented by the million of victims of your criminality, whose only a small part is quoted with names and first names at the bottom of the page, gives me a courage and a determination to act which makes me unbeatable.
The war from now on is opened and declared. On one side you with your conscience and your Communities of Believers and Saints, and on the other side me with my conscience, my book "THE FABLE OF CHRIST" and the Community of the Martyrs represented by all your victims of the past, like the Jews, Moslems, the heretics and the witches to whom the victims of the present are related and who are daily killed by your obscurantism generator of hunger and diseases. All are the victims with whom I join to shout: " Go to hell !! Cursed bastards ! "

Luigi Cascioli of Bagnoregio, fatherland of the seraphic Doctor S. Bonaventura

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