HamuROOKis' Irrational Precepts finalized!

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HamuROOKis' Irrational Precepts finalized!

Originally this wasn't going to be announced until March 1st but ChaosLord did such a good job providing us with 7 of the Irrational Precepts, that we decided to announce this early. All Irrational Precepts will be featured individually in a one hour show. If you think something on the list is rational, please start a thread about it!

HamuROOKis Irrational Precepts

(all of these precepts will be featured individually in a one hour show)
1. Theism

2. Creation Science

3. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell

4. Religious terrorism/fundamentalism/born again Christianity

5. Agnostic is not a position between belief(theist) and non belief(atheist).

6. Belief in psychics/paranormal/supernatural claims

7. Belief that America is a Christian Nation

8. Saying evolution is "just a theory, not a fact."

9. The claim that science is dogmatic

10. Denial of the Holocaust (claiming it didn't happen)

11. Logicians use logic to limit peoples thought

12. The claim that the bible is a good source for morality

13. The claim that mystical experiences can give us knowledge.

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