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DWM 57

I became an atheist thirty years ago at the age of twenty-seven. Before that I was a Baptist and a chronic daydreamer. When I realized that I had made a mess of my life by focusing my thoughts on my fantasies and letting life take me where it would, I decided to stop fantasizing and use my mind to think only about things that are real. Six weeks later I became an atheist.


A few years later my job changed from fabricating and assembling electrical, pneumatic, and mechanical systems to a job where I would troubleshoot and repair these systems. It took me a couple of days to realize that I had to develop a different way of thinking about machines if I was going to figure out what was wrong with them.


Since then I have spent a lot of time analyzing religion using the same thought process I would use to troubleshoot a malfunctioning machine. Obviously I haven’t been able to fix it, but I have some ideas that I would like to post on the freethinkers’ forum for discussion.