Viral marketing for new NIN album, or weird conspiracy?

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Viral marketing for new NIN album, or weird conspiracy?

Check out some of the sites listed in the article. Some weird shit.

There's soundclips promoting the new album - at the end is morse code for numbers, ip address to their promotion websites for it
24.14.3 - - website of concerned citizen - "theres something in the water..."

24.10.1:, bottom of NIN tour shirt?


24.10.3 - - audio of some people discussing a new designer drug on foreign radio

24.10.4 - - some sort of mail courier site with a strange message - an angry soldier talks as he kills people at a baseball game in this audio file.

24.10.6 - - not much here yet. military/religious website.

24.10.7: - (ex?) soldier's personal website

24.10.8:, "Select All" - a hidden resistance forum

They put a lot of effort into promoting this new album.

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