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Would you like to be an RRS affiliate? Send an email to: [email protected]

RRS Affiliates are run by fans of the RRS.  Some groups are rather inactive, some are more active.  Some affiliates use their group to meet other proactive freethinkers, some use it to gather parties, others use it to keep a tight nit group of activists for the purpose of uniting in public.  


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RRS So Cal

Hey everyone,


This is Steve and Jinxi of RRS So Cal. We would like to invite everyone, especially anyone in the So Cal area to join us in helping to save others from the delusion that is religion. Please check us out at www.endtheism.com and join us at our next event.


Steve and Jinxi

www.endtheism or www.myspace.com/rrssocal


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Ok....so the Oklahoma site

Ok....so the Oklahoma site dosnt work....or the asshole thats running it wont respond to me.....its been 3 months

Be a part of the problem or a part of the FUNK.

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NEW Affiliate In Dfw Dallas Fortworth Tx north texas

recently started group in North texas RRS DFW


hope you come by and wish us luck




as well as the forum i started for the area this is a test run for the forum still not quite fully running yet but you can check it out


just let me know if you join and your name so i only validate friendlies




like to thanks everyone who has given me any inputs or advise on this endevor


great moriarty




Evolved Morality

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It feels good to our name up there. 

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Just wanted to add links for the affiliate I started on the George Mason University campus in Fairfax, VA.  We are an officially recognized student organization, also affiliated with the Secular Student Alliance, and are planning some interesting things this fall - including a charity comedy night which should be huge!



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