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I wager you have never tried eating scabs and boogers on the job.

Animals, people, and how evolution may or may not play a role.

This is from another blog that ended getting way off topic. Below is the pasted convesations up to the present, feel free to comment constructively.

How is it possible that people, of all mammals on Earth have a moral bone that says murder is bad; (because basically all other animals kill their own and have no reprecussions) or rape is wrong (again because basically all other mammals have recorded occurances of such happenings with no reprecussions) or any other wrongdoing for that matter. Some mammals eat their young. Where did our moral understanding that eating our young is wrong come from? We're all from the same species or unicellular organism... right...????

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Atheism is based on faith.

I think the next time someone uses the "Atheism is based on faith, because you do not know everything." someone should point out that "Atheism isn't knowing, it's belief. I think you are talking about agnostic/gnostic, not atheism/theism."

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I think leaders like Moses, Buddha, and Ghandi have guided mankind to have morality superior to that of dogs.

I don't think all the progress should be trashed because a few people think they are the supreme beings of the universe.

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my opinion on gay pride

I have heard athiests protest the lack of gay rights in an accusatory way against xtians and christianity.

I don't believe that people choose what turns them on and what doesn't. I suppose everyone is different in that regard.

I also don't think it is my right to an opinion on what mature adults do concentually with other mature adults.

All that being said, what makes being a homosexual better than or more important than being a booger eater, or someone who eats their scabs?


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Bodhiharta, again.

I'm curious as to if bod has ever been on the webcam.

I doubt he has, but I need to know.

They have had many people on their talk show and a week or two ago I showed up at their chatroom on stickam and you should have seen the look on his face when I started posting in the chat room, he completely lost his concentration and then said "We don't like Bodhitharta here" after he tried to respond to some of what I was writing he became ruffled and shut his show down to knock me off line. Now, I wasn't being hostile or offensive so "Why the hell wouldn't they want to talk to me" If they are so strong in their position it should have been an easy win for them but instead they opted out and 24 hours later he banned me from his chatroom just like he banned me from his web-site when my posts became to influential to his members. You must understand the RRS has a fast growing base of many "new" atheists and they are easier to guide to the truth than someone who has like perhaps yourself who thinks they "know" the truth.

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I think my mom is a fundementalist

I've thought about this before, but only in a joking, jocular sort of way. Ever since my dad was hired for his latest job (~2005) my mom has become increasingly 'fundie' in her belief. My dad's current job schedule precludes my dad's ability to regularly attend church service (there are no blue laws in WA), so he eventually stopped trying to attend. My mother on the other hand, has continued to go to church regularly; I think this is what is causing her 'fundie-ness'. The fact that she and my sister are the only ones attending church in my family probably causes a holier-than-thou mentality. Perhaps my mother thinks the rest of the family is becoming un-godly.

open minded catholic

hello all,
i'm fairly certain every member of this site is going to tear anything i say completely apart, and if that didn't happen i'd be shocked. i have been raised a charismatic catholic but throughout my life have been taught to listen to other's beliefs or disbeliefs, and no matter what they believed or did not believe, i should show them love. why was i taught to love? because as my parents (and i) believe the greatest lesson of christianity is to "love one another as i have loved you".
so tonight i spent several hours speaking to one of the founding members of this website and honestly i thought he would try to convert me. but instead we had a discussion in which i was told i'm "not fun to debate". i do not take my religion at face value. instead i have searched the basic tenets of my faith and discovered that the reasons most (not all) atheists have issues with theists is because they do not look into the reasons behind their faith. i see faith as completely irrational. i accept that there is no indisputable proof behind my beliefs. instead i see the effects of my beliefs. i try (as much as i can i am no where near perfect) to be an example of what i believe jesus to be. i believe that jesus acted out of love and hoped that his display of love would encourage others to do the same. i believe that if i show the same love i have learned from the teachings of jesus (whether or not he existed as my atheist mentor tried to explain this evening) maybe someone else will feel that love and pass it on. maybe they or someone down the line will continue this love and somehow in small ways that love will eventually touch the whole world. am i ridiculously optimistic? yes. i know this and i accept it. but it does not make me want to give up it only makes me what to try harder.

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Interesting Google videos on religion, politics and secret societies how they are related.

Interesting discussion about religion, government, politics and spritualism.

This entry focuses on secret socities and mentions religions near the end of the presentation.


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A few things. 1. Wario is not in this game nor melee. He will be a new character in Brawl which comes later this year for wii. 2. Its Mario dressed in a wario suit. You could change color for chaacters. 3. Dont say the f word, and 4. DONT MAKE FUN OF GOD.

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Stop it

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