Mel Gibson is an Asshole

I didn't have to read some stupid celebrity news article to learn that Mel Gibson is a complete twat, common sense told me that. Common sense tells me that anyone who believes in the precepts of their religion belittles and hates the people with only slightly different views. To read the Torah and the New Testament is to be barraged by messages advocating and demonstrating the arbitrary extermination and murder of people who believe differently. And the religion people usually point the finger at, Islam, actually seems mild by comparison to events and ideas described in Deuteronomy, Numbers, and more places than I know in the Old Testament. So it's no surprise that when Gibson's inhibitions were lowered (further; this is, after all, the man who made Mad Max and the Passion of the Christ) by alcohol anti-jewish propaganda is what comes spilling out. Gibson has expressed an interest in seeking counseling. I have a better idea, one that will save all parties involved a hell of a lot of money and the Hollywood film industry from having to make another shitty Mel Gibson film: death by bris.

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There's something about Mel Gibson that just makes me cringe. Oh yeah, it's his dogmatic "faith" in irrational unimaginative concepts...and the fact that he made hundreds of millions of dollars selling that violent drivel to the Christian public. You really can cash in on crazy.
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