Kirk Cameron pwned by youtuber from Bill O'Reilly This video is the first time that we were on Bill O'Reilly. We were referred to as "they" and "the atheists" and the "opposition," but never by name. We were never contacted by O'Reilly or asked to appear on Fox in anyway. We've written to Bill O'Reilly many times in the last year, we have never had a response. potheadpundit pothead pundit atheism atheist kirk cameron banana nightline debate challenge blasphemy evolution design Kirk Cameron pwned RRS Rational Response Squad debate Kelly and Sapient Bill O'Reilly review

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  Quoth Bill O'Reilly: "I


Quoth Bill O'Reilly: "I had Richard Dawkins on the show--he's the best-selling author of the God Delusion--and I think I beat him in the debate..."




Oh, Bill.... you make me laugh so hard you freakin' dousche.... 

A place common to all will be maintained by none. A religion common to all is perhaps not much different.