My views of relegion

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My views of relegion

Yes, it was called S.S. Kresge, or Kresge's for short. Other stores in Sayrewoods Shopping Center included: a Grand Union supermarket, which became Acme Supermarket, which then became the Channel Lumber store. Also Platter Puss Records, Grant's (a Kresge competitor), JCPenney (where I used to get my Girl Scout uniforms), Carlo's Pizza (still there, amazingly), a Chinese restaurant, a dance studiowhere I took dance lessons from 1970 until 1972, a bar, a video game arcade, Sun Ray Drugs, and then the photo place at the other smaller building. Also, there were many carnivals held in the parking lot behind it and fireworks every 4th of July

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Somebody give this man a

Somebody give this man a Nobel Prize, I think he may have cracked religion once and for all.





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 MUHHAHAAH, hahaha, LOL,

 MUHHAHAAH, hahaha, LOL, OMG.... LMAO... mhuahaha... heh, ha... ha... I dont' get it.... did I miss a previous post? 

"Don't seek these laws to understand. Only the mad can comprehend..." -- George Cosbuc

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I think our


new playmate is talking about K-Mart...