Dark Energy conception

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Dark Energy conception

Dark Energy and Gravity - Yin and Yang of the UniverseAstronomers think that the expansion of the universe is regulated by both the force of gravity, which acts to slow it down, and a mysterious dark energy, which pushes matter and space apart. In fact, dark energy is thought to be pushing the cosmos apart at faster and faster speeds, causing our universe's expansion to accelerate. In this artist's conception, dark energy is represented by the purple grid above, and gravity by the green grid below. Gravity emanates from all matter in the universe, but its effects are localized and drop off quickly over large distances. New results from NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer and the Anglo-Australian Telescope atop Siding Spring Mountain in Australia confirm that dark energy is a smooth, uniform force that now dominates over the effects of gravity.....


Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Vastet wrote: Dark Energy Conception

  That is a neat picture ! Last week I was watching a show on the Discovery channel called " How the Universe was made " or it was something like that, anyway, I was talking to some dude last night when I went to Rite-Aid,and after he told me about his belief in a personnel God (he was looking at my cap,that has a fish holding a wrench,and on the top it says EVOLVE), I said to him ' Look how big the Universe is, and how local religions are,it just doesn't make any sense to believe in a personnel God (remembering what Richard Feynman said about how local,religions are) anyway thanks for posting this type of view.