Science in the Bible

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Science in the Bible

Check out this measely attempt to find science in the bible. What a stretch. I think the only one that comes close is the one about clouds and water. Besides that they are reaching here.




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Not only are they reaching,

Not only are they reaching, RationalSchema, but they are conveniently forgetting such nuggets of biblical "science" as:

1. The creation of light...without bothering to create a light-generating object for...uh...four days.


2. The misidentification of the moon as a "lesser light," presumably analogous to the "greater light," i.e., the sun.


3. Bats are birds, don't you know!


4. And insects have *four* legs!  (Now, now...we can't go counting the legs of actual insects...why that would be logic and evidence, which of course, is the work of Satan.)


5. The value of pi is equal to the integer 3.


6. No evolution, of course.


I'm sure I missed other little gems. 


And to think that I once took this book seriously....



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Dinosaurs are referred to in several Bible books. The book of Job describes two dinosaurs. One is described in chapter 40 starting at verse 15, and the other in chapter 41 starting at verse 1. We think you will agree that 1½ chapters about dinosaurs is a lot—since most people do not even realize that they are mentioned in the Bible.

The Behemoth is a hippopotamus or elephant. "He moveth his tail like a cedar, the sinews of his thighs are wrapped together" throws Creationists off because they cannot view the text objectively. The early Hebrews had only vague concepts of an afterlife and many thought death was the annihilation of consciousness so they placed great value on reproductive acts because that was the nearest to immortality they could assure themselves—this is why the young girls among the various slaughtered villages were kept for the Hebrews. They considered reproduction to be the key to some form of immortality and thusly considered reproductive organs as givers of vitality. In this verse from Job the early Hebrew writer was explaining how the hippopotamus or elephant assured itself of some form of immortality through reproduction. "Moveth" was a translational choice because it could also be translated as "extendeth," and "tail" is a euphemism for penis. wrote:
The Bible frequently refers to the great number of stars in the heavens. Here are two examples.

Genesis 22:17
 lessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore; and your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies.

Jeremiah 33:22
“As the host of heaven cannot be numbered, nor the sand of the sea measured, so will I multiply the descendants of David My servant and the Levites who minister to Me.”

They looked up and seen a bunch of stars. I believe in Jesus now for he was the Christ that descended from the Dinosaur Hunters on the Lost Planet! You can tell this person was desperately trying to contort the text to fit his or her preconceived notions. The author should read Genesis 1, which says the stars and the host of heaven were placed "in" the firmament, which is clearly false.

I could continue tearing the article to shreds, but I have better things to do with my time.

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The Flood

Yeah, the bible has been so helpful in advancing scientific knowledge. Here's an excerpt from a long response I wrote to a Jehova's Witness book that claimed to prove god. This particular bit is about one specific problem with the flood. I didn't even bother to look into how much of a change there would be in the earth's rotation as a result of gaining all the mass (still curious, may work it out some day).


The Second and Third day explanation about the lifting of the waters and the falling in the days of Noah is riddled with fatal flaws. For fun, here's some math. Genesis 7:12 says that it rained 40 days and 40 nights. Genesis 7:19 says that the flood waters covered the highest mountains under the entire heavens, and Genesis 7:20 is more specific, stating that the mountains were under 20 feet of water. Of course, the actual measurements in the bible are in cubits, but we can approximate into feet since we know how big a cubit is. The highest mountain in the world is 29,028 feet and Mount Ararat, the resting place of the ark mentioned in Genesis 9:4, is 16,854 feet tall. This means that the flood waters would have been 29,048 feet above sea level, or if for some reason you want to argue that the bible is wrong and flood waters only covered the local mountains, then they would have at least been 16,874 feet above sea level (5.14 km). The average radius of the earth at sea level is 6,372.797 km. Using the volume of a sphere (4/3*pi*radius^3) we can calculate ((4 / 3) * pi * ((6,372.797 + 5.14)^3)) - ((4 / 3) * pi * (6,372.797^3)) = 2.62532689 × 10^9 cubic km as the total volume of water that would have covered the earth above the normal sea level in cubic kilometers (or 2,625,326,890 cubic km). The total volume of water on the earth (including ground water) is approximately 1.36 * 10^9 cubic kilometers, of which ~95% is in the oceans. This means you'd need nearly two times as much additional water in order to have a flood of the necessary size. Where did all this water magically go? Some creationists argue that if you were to smooth out the surface of the earth, water would cover it to a depth of 20 meters, but that completely misses the point, because this flood supposedly happened less approximately 6,000 years ago and the mountains (even according to the bible) clearly existed. If mountain ranges suddenly grew by 20,000 feet in the last few thousand years, someone would have noticed.


It is impossible for all of this water to have existed in the air in “vapor”form for a number of reasons such as the fact the atmospheric pressure would have been immense (the equivalent of being at 5km below the ocean!).

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Whenever I need help in

Whenever I need help in biology, I turn to the Bible.


It tells me that bats are birds (Levitus 11:13-19) that insects have four legs (Leviticus 11:20), that people and animals regularly come back from the dead (too numerous to cite one passsage) and that the earth is only about 6,000 years old.


Thanks Bible, you make science easy!

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Indeed Mike.  Where the

Indeed Mike.  Where the Biblical authors definitely used Greek fiction models to write their books, they certainly did not heed the excellent scientific philosophies of many Hellenes!

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A friend said "Lazarus and

A friend said "Lazarus and Jesus were the only ones to come back to life, and I don't think any animals come back.". We aren't experts but when did some animals come back?

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