Blackwater Inc Christians Mercenaries, Xtians and the profiteering

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Blackwater Inc Christians Mercenaries, Xtians and the profiteering

What does Amway do besides con-people and sell over priced soaps? They take people on "retreats" and brainwash the indoctrinated and gather blackmail on them. They are forced to keep pushing the product. The Bill Britt family has sweat shops. The Billionaire DeVos family that co-founded scamway has deep ties to nazi-like Christian conservatives groups who are extremly prejudice towards homosexuals. They fund the campaigns of filth and with the Elzabeth DeVos Erik Prince marriage the two billionaire families of fundamentalist Christian crazies are in charge of their own private armies. (this is a lot like the old Christian"missionaries" of the past who always spearheaded land-grabs who the Africans sang about spreading the word with a gatlin-gun. Onward Christian soldier indeed.) If you want to get a better idea of what Churches actually are (multi-billion dollar tax free investors into the MIC) Then see this Protestant Churches invest billions in the Zionist occupation and this old video I made War-Church -back when I made the video the death counts were a lot lower than now which would be 3,333+ US and 650,00+ Iraqis. The Dirt on Blackwater and Amway. Mary Kay Letourneau you know the woman who got pregnant after raping her 13 year old student is the sister of Joseph E. Schmitz who is a conservative lawyer, former Inspector General of the Department of Defense and executive with Blackwater USA, a private contractor providing security services to the U.S. military. Her other brother is John P. Schmitz who was George Bush's White House counsel before being replaced by Fred Feilding (now Bush's personal lawyer) who was on the 911 commission. John P. Schmitz was also involved with Iran Contra back when he was an aid for Bush the first, and he refused to testify to the Walsh Commission. So we have a rapist, a inspector general who is the executive of a secret mercenary group and a the former White house counsel. Their father John G. Schmitz was a Senator and congressman from California. was famous for his right-wing views and occasional racist and homophobic remarks. His public career was ended when it was revealed that he had an affair and fathered two illegitimate children. He got in trouble after his 13 month old son (of his mistress) was found with hair wrapped around his penis. I think

Jeb Bush married a Mexican woman. Columba Bush’s sister is married to John P. Schmitz, a beneficiary of the fellowship programs subsumed under the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft and the brother of Joseph Schmitz, currently the head of the Blackwater security outfit.
The head of Blackwater and Christian holy-roller Erik Prince (son of a billionaire) has a sister Betsy (Elizabeth), who was chairman of the Michigan GOP. She is married to Dick DeVos, the son of Amway founder Richard DeVos, a member of the board of the conservative and Christian Dominionist Council for National Policy (CNP), an umbrella organization where he rubs shoulders with such leading right wingers as Jack Abramoff...
-source Abramoff was a Zionist lobbyist busted paying for trips for congressmen to visit the Mandarin Islands [such as Delay]. I HAD a youtube video abot that but it has been censored. There are some sketchy things there involving child prostitution. Foley any one? Yes Mark Foley was backed financially by Amway (Scamway).
"Dick and Betsy DeVos donate huge sums of money to Republican candidates and causes. In the 2004 cycle, the couple ranked fifth among the highest political donors with $981,846 to Republicans. In fact, from 1990 through 2006, the couple donated $2,491,270 to Republicans with only $1,000 going to Democrats back in 1992."
-source They have other retreats around the US, Caribbean, and Mexico. There are so many sex scandals I can't even write about them all. 3 videos on Blacwater -------------------------- Blackwater as some of you know who got my book got financial help from Amway (scamway) the ultra Christian group with a pyramid scheme to sell things and gain a % on what is sold and sold by your sponsored underlings and is now linked in with Quickstar. There DeVos family of amway (american way) has married into the the Prince famliy of Eric Prince who is the head of Blackwater. I know a thing or two about scamway Terry Taylor an diamond is my Uncle. He has quotes from "god" all over his house. The US uses mercenaries to get around international law. Balckawater "contractors" act as modern day Privateers. It is like the US naming POWs terrorist, and in doing so they are not given the rights of POWs and they are tortured by "contractors" who are not subject to any military laws or international agreements. It is like Japan not being able to have a military according to Article 9 of their constitution, yet they have the 4th largest military in the world. They just dont call it a military. It is a defense force. Yeh right it is just a very big police force one that has submarines, gun boats, missiles, and helicopters... :roll: People might want to look into Peter Island, which the DeVos family owns and sends its highest ranking con-men to visit. I know from my relatives that the scamway biz offen sends the indoctrinated to "retreats" like any good cult. They have some sketchy things going on as well which I have heard from drunk people (mostly holy-rollers I never listen to who claim to have SEEN angels and crap like that which makes them have zero credibility) at the parties. I never believe it until I saw some of the things Alex Jones uncovered. I know Aside form the big one at Peter Island that there are other locations in California, the Mandarin Islands and one in Mexico which is pretty big that I know of. Blackwater Inc has to be exposed.
The president's proposed Civilian Reserve Corps was not his idea alone. A privatized version of it was floated two years ago by Erik Prince, the secretive, mega-millionaire, conservative owner of Blackwater USA and a man who for years has served as the Pied Piper of a campaign to repackage mercenaries as legitimate forces. In early 2005, Prince - a major bankroller of the president and his allies - pitched the idea at a military conference of a "contractor brigade" to supplement the official military. "There's consternation in the [Pentagon] about increasing the permanent size of the Army," Prince declared. Officials "want to add 30,000 people, and they talked about costs of anywhere from $3.6 billion to $4 billion to do that. Well, by my math, that comes out to about $135,000 per soldier." He added: "We could do it certainly cheaper."
$135,000 per Christian soldier. That is a hefty price tag. No-bid contracts should be illegal period. They get no heat because the press will not cover it. These mercenary thugs are the ones murdering and torturing people in Iraq. They run the inner prision of the prisons. When the US wanted to avoid agreements it created about the treatment of POWs the Bush admin just changed the definition of its prisoners to terrorist so that they would not have the right of POWs. X-soldiers have also returned saying that many of the prisoners had not even committed any crimes. They soldiers were given orders after an attack to just go into a village and arrest ALL males over a certain age. These people are not given any trials, they are just thrown in prison where they are tortured by these contractors who see no judicial oversight and are outside of the law. This is a page right out of an Israeli playbook. In fact many of the contractors were led and trained in torture by seasoned Israelis. Note the stories of the Iraqi captives being wrapped in Israeli flags and forced to roll in broken glass. Secret armies and secret prisions... whate are they planning? Why to they have FEMA camps in the US? Why were Blackwater thugs policing the street of New Orleans? Its not hard to guess what is coming when we have the State Depo's own policy papers written by the same psycho neocons behind everything else.

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I wish this was all a hoax,

I wish this was all a hoax, an elaborate conspiracy concocted by kooks, but unfortunatly, it's very real. Welcome to fascism!

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