Here is what Christians should be politically...

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Here is what Christians should be politically...

They should be Christian anarchists! Here is why:
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1) No man can serve two masters (Matthew 6:24) (Come on, not going to follow this often quoted verse?)
2) #1 implies that you should only serve one master
3) It is reasonable to view master being equal to ruler here
4) The master that is most deserving is God (after all, he is all-everything)
5) #2 and #4 cause you to have no earthly master
6) #5 and #3 transform into you should have no earthly ruler
7) Because anarchism is "without rulers" and #6 fits that, you should be some type of anarchist
Cool Because you are a Christian and hold to God, being a Christian anarchist is what you should be politically based on #7.
Now because of Matthew 6:19 and other anti-capitalist related stuff in the bible, these Christian anarchists should be anti-capitalists...

What do you think?

"What right have you to condemn a murderer if you assume him necessary to "God's plan"? What logic can command the return of stolen property, or the branding of a thief, if the Almighty decreed it?"
-- The Economic Tendency of Freethought

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The book of Acts in the New

The book of Acts in the New Testament is all about how the followers of Christ shared everything in common and lived in one big happy community. A communism utopia if you will.

Some Christian sects today stay out of politics because of the above verses of scripture. The Jehovah Witnesses come to mind.

What drove a lot of social conservatives to politics in the 1970's was a cultural backlash of issues the right wing christians saw as demoralizing and dangerous to our society---including feminism, abortion, and gay and equal rights.

It would be nice if these social conservative, or as I like to think of them--social repressives, did stay out of politics and formed their own communities. 

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Nice deduction. Although

Nice deduction. Although little sects in isolation sounds worse than them being out in the open.

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I've talked to Christian

I've talked to Christian Anarchists that think like this before. Great people. Deluded, but great people. Pacifists all of them. Wouldn't even defend themselves if attacked.

I wouldn't even try to convince them that god doesn't exist. They're not bothering anybody with their beliefs, and they're really nice.