Has anybody read "American Fascists"?

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Has anybody read "American Fascists"?

by Chris Hedges? 


Looks interesting but I'd like to get some reviews from somewhere other than Amazon.


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I'm actually reading it

I'm actually reading it right now.  It's a good read, but it has basically just reaffirmed positions I previously held.  There isn't a lot of new information here.  Hedges does do a good job, however, of putting all of the info together in a way that makes a coherent case that the Christian Right meets all the characteristics of a fascist movement.

I found Sam Harris' "The End of Faith" much more provocative because it added something new to the debate (i.e., religious moderates and liberal theists are guilty of enabling the extremists and fundamentalists).  Reading Harris' book actually shifted my positions on several issues.  For example, I had previously looked at the Palestinian resistance movement through a primarily anti-imperialist lens, viewing their religiosity as incidental and superficial.  Even though their stated goals include the imposition of Islamic holy law on all its people, I still held some naive view that they didn't really mean it, that they really shared my secular anti-imperialist aims first and foremost.  Harris enabled me to re-evaluate my assumptions and avoid the pitfalls of cultural relativism.

So in conclusion, "American Fascists" is worth the read, but only if you want to reaffirm your own worldview.  "The End of Faith", on the other hand, is excellent in that it brings a lot of new perspectives to the table (at least for me it did!).



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Hedges was interviewed by

Hedges was interviewed by Welton Gaddy, host of State of Belief. Here's a lowdown on the interview:

 When Welton Gaddy questioned Hedges about being an alarmist and not seeking dialogue with the people he is writing about he said "You can't have a dialogue with people who call for your extinction." The dominionist believe that they are called by god to have dominion over the earth. They also want to base their laws on Old Testament laws!

Hedges said that if we have an economic crisis, or another terrorists attack, they will come forth and take advantage to gain power. On a previous show, they talked about a program the pentegon has called The Embassy, which is soldiers, generals, etc, who witness for christ in other countries.

    He also talked about military champlains and how radical they are becoming. The megachurches bring in law enforcement and the military, recruiting them in hopes of one day having them take control through force. When you politize the military and law enforcement, and mix it with religion, you are creating fascism.

   People in the megachurches, that are becoming isolationists, need to become part of society as a whole. Only that will help combat this dangerous movement.


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