Evolution and Paganism

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Evolution and Paganism

Anyway, there's some moron at FreeThinkingTeens posting junk. This thread is an example of some of the crazy junk I see at the FTT message board. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the link the moron provided.

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Personally I don't care if

Personally I don't care if an evolution muesuem promotes paganism, but the stretch that this guy makes is ridiculous. First, I don't believe most of the historical facts in the articl. Second, even if the idea of evolution was influenced by paganism and Eastern Religions this does not discount the years of mounting scientific evidence.

I love the line "Since Darwin's grandfather was a pagan than this means evolution came from paganism and not observations in the Galapogous." Wow, talk about an intellectual leap. This is so consistent with theist logic.

Lastly, that article stinks of bigotry and hatred toward any non-monotheistic religion. That is if you would term buddhism and Chi religions as opposed to philosopies/worldviews.

"Those who think they know don't know. Those that know they don't know, know."

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All i have to say is wow,

All i have to say is wow, just wow.