Rook and Sapient in new studio

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Cool new studio!

Cool new studio!

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Nice. Hardwood floors too


Hardwood floors too cool 

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The studio looks great!

The studio looks great! Smile

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The bunker is online and

The bunker is online and ready for action. Smiling

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Looks nice. It could use a

Looks nice. It could use a fresh coat of paint, though. Smiling

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Hot diggety damn!  Have

Hot diggety damn! 

Have fun settling in.

(Click on the ad afterward, folks. Smiling

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Wow. Quite roomy. I am

Wow. Quite roomy. I am impressed.

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I am soooo disapointed, what

I am soooo disapointed, what happend to the olypic size swimming pool with high dive?Tongue out

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Very cool, very roomy. Looks

Very cool, very roomy. Looks much less cramped than the old studio.

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EXTRA COOL!!!:D That's all I

EXTRA COOL!!!Laughing out loud That's all I have to say for now!

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Awesome new digs guys!  I

Awesome new digs guys!  I can't wait for the next session of new shows!

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The new studio looks great!!

The new studio looks great!!

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wow that is beautiful

wow that is beautiful

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That is fantastic!   That

That is fantastic!   That anonymous donation was very generous...not many people would go out of their way to do such a thing for such a good cause...well done!!

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I'm assuming, that for

I'm assuming, that for 25K... the guy must obviously be loaded. Not I own a factory loaded, or I write books loaded.

I'm assuming a celebrity, but this is all in assumption. Based on past events I think this is a safe one. There's also the matter that celebrities- when confronted with theism, are at a halt to explore their creativity more so than any other artist.

On that same note, while I think there are a few that one could narrow it down to. It wouldn't be safe to assume one in general. At this time I'll also add that I don't think it's Penn. He was confronted with protest when he stated he supported us. And no offense to the guy but I don't think 25k is play money to him, or maybe it is...

In any case there's a lot of well off people that have had bad run-ins with theism.. . . Eh. I'm just a BIT curious. Eye-wink this kind of money doesn't come from the sky. I don't beg to know the answer to this, I understand the importance of security to this.




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