Are you coming on Matt Slicks show or not?!

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Are you coming on Matt Slicks show or not?!

So, are you or Kelly going to return the Favor for Matt Slick and go on his show?

Yes, that's what we said isn't it? Matt claimed he emailed twice before he went on air yesterday. That was bullshit. He'd only written once, and I think he sent the email after his show aired. We responded immediately each time.

Rational people should be willing to have an open dialog about ideas.

I don't agree that there are some things that rational people should have an open dialog about. Christianity is one of them, it's a discussion that is a waste of time for rational people, but because there are so many people inflicted with the ailment we take the time out of the only life we get to sacrifice it to you, so as you can hear how ridiculous your religion sounds well held up to rational scrutiny.

Matt did his part and tried to talk on your show, and now it is time for you to show that you are truly out for rational discussion and go one on one with Matt.

If we were interested in always having rational discussion, please understand talking to Matt Slick would not be on a list of things to do. We're interested in helping his audience hear how insane his views sounds when held up to rationality.

4 on 1 is never really fair, but I know Matt will treat you very fair in a one on one situation.

So do you mean to admit that God was certainly not on Matt Slicks side? Is this an admission that in real world situations, God doesn't exist? I think if Matts god existed he'd be worth at least 3 people, and I think if Matts god gave a shit he'd have been guiding Matt through his pitiful defense of Christianity. As for "knowing" that Matt will treat Kelly fairly... how much would you like to bet? (we'll need an impartial judge to decide)

We in the Christian community are positive you guys will wimp out.

Is there a place I can go to meet with the entire Christian community at once? I'd like to bring a doctor to have everyones heads removed from their asses. Backing out on an discussion we agreed to is something we've never done.

If you guys are afraid to go on Matt’s show, then I honestly don’t know who you will really be willing to talk with in a fair environment, and should drop “rational” from your name and replace it with obstreperous.

I find it ironic that Christianity is one big childish threat, "believe this or burn" and your email heavily resembles the same traits. Ooooo can I try?!!?! How about.... ummm...... If you're afraid to take your head out of your ass, and embrace reality, you might as well start referring to yourself as shithead. Get it? Shit on your head.... see how I did that? Ah, nevermind, probably went over your head if you were dumb enough to believe Matt actually had sent us two emails without a response and that we were "too chicken" to come on his show. Look, we're shaking!

Matt is fair, and will not get hostile, upset, or cut you off. if you don’t believe me, talk to other atheists who have been on his show.

How much was that bet again?

Matt has a weekly dialog with bob the Atheist, and it is a very friendly dialog. Matt agreed to be on your show, but asked in return for you to do the same. Please don’t back out.

We're not, and I very much want you to know we never intended to back out lest you claim that your email had anything to do with it.

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YAWN be easy on him hes

YAWN be easy on him hes sensitive.


So when's the new challenge coming?

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There's one problem, Matt is

There's one problem, Matt is an idiot.  Will there really be a dialogue?  Matt can't provide any support for the existence of his gods so the entire "dialogue" will be his attempt to make excuses, change the subject or try to redirect the burden of proof.  C'mon, the guy believes the Earth is 6,000 years old.  Can we expect to get anything intelligent about a guy who is that ignorant?

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I know Matt Slick

Some years back I worked on a project with Matt Slick that had nothing to do with religion. Actually, he was pleasant and had a sense of humor and we buddied up, mainly because his approach, like my own was, uhm, unorthodox. LOL.

When I found out about his apologia, we got into some debates, all with good humor, and I found it was fun to argue with someone who had more to offer than the usual, "What happens when you die?" or "How can you be a good person without god?" stuff.

At the time he claimed he wasn't a "new earther," so the 6,000 year old creation wasn't an issue. But when I asked him about the "firmament" and the "windows of heaven" he espoused some "Doctine of ????" which stated, "If something in scripture absolutely cannot be literally true, then, and only then, can we say it is a figure of speech."

I'd like to remember what that doctrine was called (it was very funny at the time,) If someone around here knows, or is in touch with Matt, I'd like to be reminded.

Hey, this is my first post here!Smile

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Look out for ambushes,

Look out for ambushes, guys.

We know Slick doesn't play fair.