Irrational Precept #1- Theism (stabbing grandma 600 times)

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Irrational Precept #1- Theism (stabbing grandma 600 times)



April 6, 2006 -- A deranged Brooklyn woman told investigators that she stabbed her 87-year-old grandmother more than 600 times because she thought the woman was the devil, according to court papers released yesterday.

"Satan! Satan! I killed grandmother!" said Zoila Mosquera, 46, according to police. "I had French toast that my grandmother made for me. Then I stabbed her and took her eyes out."

Cops responding to a 911 call from Mosquera at her building on Ocean Avenue in Flatbush in January found her naked from the waist up and clutching bloody scissors, while her grandmother, Cynthia, lay face up under a chair with more than 600 stab wounds over her body.

During her arraignment in Brooklyn Supreme Court yesterday, Mos- quera doubled over in laughter at the defense table as a prosecutor made specific reference to the hundreds of wounds.

Justice John Leventhal ordered that Mosquera be examined for a second time by a court-appointed mental-health expert. An earlier exam determined that she was fit to stand trial.

The woman allegedly made several statements to officers investigating the gruesome murder, including one in which she told cops that she stabbed the elderly woman "to get Satan out of her."

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Irrational Precept #1- Theism (stabbing grandma 600 times)

That makes me fucking sick.