Let us Organize...

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Let us Organize...

Hi everyone,

Firstly i am as shocked about 21st century atheists around as i am about the theists. People educate yourself in human psychology around. I mean especially you since you do not impose restrictions upon yourself, and have PC skills can gather all sorts of tv series. There are some excellent in psychology. Emule, bittorrent and various other networks have revolutionized the educational character of the internet.

I am sure at least some of your understand that for the most part you are wasting your time and only please yourselves. You gotta fight fire with fire. Without going into detail the problem is nowadays that everyone has experienced and seen god, ghosts etc. (wikipedia: mirror neurons).

Sorry if i seem out of order, come over as kinda incoherent or arrogant for that matter. I seriously lack the time to explain or discuss but wanna contribute in a way that matters.


Where can i find atheists around who have multimedia skills or are in general, willing to engage in various multimedia projects?


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I'm confused. Are you

I'm confused.

Are you claiming that the existence and function of these so-called "mirror neurons" are evidence got ghosts et al, or that they are the source for our "seeing them"? My unsderstanding of these neurons is that they seems to be responsible for empathy, our conception of a self among other selves, and other similar brain functions.

Are you saying that we need to start doing TV?

Well, there are organizations doing that, but they don't really get the big contracts. Here is one of my favorite shows that can be found. There are some more local, but since this one is podcasted, I listen to it more frequently.

I'd like to see the RRS or some other like-minded people on local TV eventually.  That would be awesome.  It's not anything I have experience with.


I'll fight for a person's right to speak so long as that person will, in return, fight to allow me to challenge their opinions and ridicule them as the content of their ideas merit.

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I cannot go into detail...

the point however is this: regardless whether you see the actual thing or some CGI, drawing etc... the neurons fire the same way. In fact you would even mirror their action if it weren`t for inhibitory circuits that will let you sit still for instance.

As a matter of fact without language i cannot see anyone becoming  religious. But i am digressing.

But yeah it is exactly what i am saying. We have ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of changing anything if the do not start to exploit the audio visual media at least to the point all those multi billion dollar religions/markets do. It is hard but the one thing that we could poentially achieve. Making a dent directly in politics is something i see hardly happening, especially not after Bush.


I think the greatest shortcomings of mankind is that people are left in the dark about the findings of neurobiology and psychology which should be tought to children as early on as possible. Many religious people interprete their brain functions - which we all share - wrongfully and take it as proof for god.

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I get it now.  Lawrence is

I get it now.  Lawrence is only acting dishonest when he seeks to impersonate the mindset of an atheist who doesn't think we should speak up against religion.  He's not an atheist as we see in his first post of this thread.  The most detestable quality of humans is dishonesty, and Lawrence has plenty of it.

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