Speech Class topic, how do I not sound persuasive

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Speech Class topic, how do I not sound persuasive

So I'm going to do an informative speech about Atheism. But I'm not sure what to talk about soo that it doesnt sound persuasive. It cant use any kind of persuasive arguments because them my prof. wont let me do it. Something about insulting the views of others, lol.
I was going to talk about the history of Atheism, and about the thoughts on natural selection, and bring up carbon dating, and how it scientifically proves how old the earth is. I was wondering if there were any other topics that I could bring up that would be just informative. Thanks,

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Would shattering arguments

Would shattering arguments against atheism be persuasive?

You could also talk about all the misconceptions and how different people describe it.

As far as science stuff goes it is kind of a moot point as a lot of religious people still "believe" in it.

You could also go for that "Shouldn't you respect all beliefs?" thing, but if you are anything like me or a lot of other people around here it would be hard to say that without laughing.

Also you could go into how you lost your faith or realized you didn't have any.

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First.... Use the book. What

First.... Use the book.

What are the five parts of a speech to inform?

Find the common link of those parts of the subject.

I gave a speech and demonstration on 'How to shave' for my 'A' fifteen years ago.

Make absolutely NO ASSERTIONS.

Get the grade this time. Use the debate time later in the year for destroying theism.

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