The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online

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The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online

Cambridge University has placed the entire works of Charles Darwin online and for free!

I'm sure this will be considered as a sign that Judgement Day is near by the Religious Wrong.

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Eah, if the rapture is real

Eah, if the rapture is real then it already happened!!! Head Bash ROTF

Kudos to Cambridge for making this so readily available!!!

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This is great, thanks for

This is great, thanks for posting this.

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I'm having fun downloading

I'm having fun downloading the different things. Woooo-hee! Free audiobooks! Laughing out loud

I've read Origin of Species and The Voyage of the Beagle before, but I never read his books on flowers and things. I'll be glad to get into those. It goes to show how far off the mark the fundamentalists are when they try to say he didn't do his homework, so to speak. He looked at animals, plants, a lot of different things.

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I found the site a couple

I found the site a couple weeks ago. It's truely awesome!

I get to listen to "On the Origin of Species" on my mp3 player while I work... and that excites me!

I love being a nerd!