BBC series edited by Dutch Evangelical Broadcasting Service

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BBC series edited by Dutch Evangelical Broadcasting Service

EO cuts in series about evolution. 7-28-2007

The Evangelical Broadcasting Service censures episodes which deal with the evolution theory. This according to evolutional Biologist Gerdien de Jong from the University of Utrecht. She compared episodes of the BBC-series " The Life of Mammals" in England, Belgium en Holland.

In the Dutch version from the Evangelical Broadcasting Service scenes were cut or the narrator changed the lines. The episode about the evolution of the humans and humanoids wasn't aired altogether. De Jong calls the censorship damning.

Director of the Evangelical Broadcasting Service rejects the criticism and says such series are being adapted for years. "The BBC knows about it."

The EO (Evangelical Broadcasting Service) is a public broadcasting service in Holland. Until I was 23, I didn't have cable and was stuck with only Dutch public broadcasting. A lot of biology or wild life shows were from the EO. I always wondered why these shows seldom informed about biology or just showed lions killing other animals. Now I know, they just cut and edited the parts they didn't like. I think it is a shame that the BBC apparently accepts their series to be butchered, because it is aired as a BBC series and as such gives the BBC a bad name.