This Would be Funny if it Weren't Horrifying

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This Would be Funny if it Weren't Horrifying

“Man by himself could not have written such a consistent, non-contradictory book,” says Ham. But how does he know man wrote it with divine inspiration? “Because of what the Bible itself claims of itself,” he says.

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I think his dad was a closet

I think his dad was a closet atheist. 

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Another creation

Another creation museum?!

Those people think that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, huh? Even though we domesticated the dog like over 10,000 years ago...

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I've said it once, and I'll

I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Ken Ham is a disgrace to human endeavor.

The solar astrophysics PhD ought to be ashamed of himself for saying: You can't attempt to disprove the Bible scientifically using an outside source. Science comes from within the Bible. We take the truth of the Bible as a PRESUPPOSITION.

Presuppositionalism is utterly absurd. 

"Physical reality” isn’t some arbitrary demarcation. It is defined in terms of what we can systematically investigate, directly or not, by means of our senses. It is preposterous to assert that the process of systematic scientific reasoning arbitrarily excludes “non-physical explanations” because the very notion of “non-physical explanation” is contradictory.


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From the article

From the article wrote:

And nope, this isn’t your average theme park.

Average, no. Theme park, yes. Museum, no. Educational, my left testical.

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deludedgod wrote:
Presuppositionalism is utterly absurd.

Sadly... I am a presuppositionist.

I presuppose KEN HAM IS AN ASSHAT! 

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Ham often asks of

Ham often asks of evolutionists: “How do you gain knowledge about the past when you weren’t there?”


I suppose Mr. Ham wants full color motion video and 5 direct witnesses from the scene of every murder to make a conviction.  Perhaps we should have every person that dies shout out what they died of at the moment of death with witnesses present and recordings in order to determine the cause of death.

We gain knowledge from the past that we weren't in by way of the imprints left by the actions at the time, be they physical, chemical, etc.  We don't have to be there to have a damn good idea of what happened. 

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Quote: “Man by himself


“Man by himself could not have written such a consistent, non-contradictory book,”

????????? has this guy ever actually read it??? "all postures of submission and surrender should be part of our prehistory." -christopher hitchens