Council of Europe to vote on Creationism

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Council of Europe to vote on Creationism;_ylt=AohNypZUdGMgsyhsAW7XLBus0NUE

Yikes. It appears the little tentacles of fundism is stretching across the pond. Sorry guys.

I'm under the impression that most of Europe is relatively secular. Do you really think there is a chance that creationism might be taught as science?

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Quote: Some conservatives

Some conservatives in the United States, both religious and secular, have long opposed the teaching of evolution in public schools but U.S. courts have regularly barred them from teaching what they describe as religious views of creation.

It says secular conservatives have long opposed it. I'd love to hear from someone who is secular who opposes it , i sure haven't heard anyone (not that that means they don't exist but they make it seem as there are tons of them.)

She said the resolution also shortened references in the resolution to "evolution by natural selection" to "evolution" because some members had misunderstood the reference to natural selection to be an attack on their religious beliefs.

WTF? Evolution is not an attack on their religious beliefs but natural selection is? What in fucking hell? This is PCness gone amok.