Bunnell, FL Ordinance Ordinance 2007-41 -- Verification?

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Bunnell, FL Ordinance Ordinance 2007-41 -- Verification?

Hey guys,

Not sure if this is the right location for this, and this isn't directly related to religion/theism though it is definitely legislation based off the theists desire to repress all sexuality that they find to be aberrant...


Anyway, here's the story... I read a brief news snippet, which I can no longer locate about a new ordinace proposed in Bunnell, FL that dictates new laws for lap dances and the patrons of strip clubs.  In a nutshell, the new ordinance supposedly requires anyone wishing to receive a lap dance to sign a full contract with the dancer whereby both present their full names, addresses, age, and telephone number, and fully delineate the scope and presentation of the dance prior to it commencing.  


To me, this is silly harrassment attempting to "shame" people into avoiding such sexual expression because the religious folks really don't like such an open display of sexuality.  I have done my best to Google this in an attempt to read the text of the ordinance myself, but all I can find is meeting minutes for the City dated August 7th, 2007 that propose:

"An Ordinance to establishing new regulations pertaining to sexually oriented businesses and adult entertainment establishments.  Second/Final Reading."

Unfortunately, there is no text for the ordinance, and the search on the site for the ordinance returns no results.  Anyone who is better at digging than me able to find out anything regarding the above?