Creation of Creativity

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Creation of Creativity

why do you feel mankind "got the urge" to tell stories.  these could be non-fiction or fiction in formats of wittings, tv/movie, word of mouth, and others that you may think of:

    -thoughts from the fiction side;  why do we create fiction novels?  create history for our stories (star wars, lord of the rings, etc.)  why do we over exaggerate true stories?

    -thoughts from the non-fiction side; why do we record our history?  why do we have heroes?  why do we tell stories about events?

    -thoughts from the abstract; draw art or illustrations,  write poetry, "create" video games.  why do we identify with some characters.. like in movies, books or video games - fiction or non-fiction.

it is interesting that it is in our nature to create things such as ideas or structures... feel free to talk open about the subject of creativity, answer one of the above questions or come up with some of your own.  i look forward to your responses!

May God bless us and give us the words to express our ideas in a creative and civil manner, while providing us an ear that we may truly hear each other, and a voice to clearly project our thoughts.

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It's a very interesting

It's a very interesting question. I think there are a number of reasons for this. The first is about information. Information is a key part of human survival, if one travelling group of nomads meets up with another they will no doubt want to share their adventures, perhaps give tidings of good or bad news. Perhaps one tribe might also want their story to sound more fascinating than it actually was, so imagination becomes important. Perhaps they may want to deceive the other tribe, in which case the ability to create fictional realities also becomes important. It might also be important in fulfilling the urge to know everything, hence the beginnings of religious thought.

This explains fiction in a crude way. I'm sure such a topic deserves further study and I'm sure there probably are some studies there.

Creativity in general serves another purpose. Humans are very intuitive tool users. From spears to eating bowls to sub-machine guns. The need to create tools is important if we are to survive in not only defending our relatively weak bodies and in our gathering of food. The desire to produce becomes engrained in our psychology. Produce or die has that effect, those that were naturally producers survived, that creative need is part of all of us. Whether it be fine art or plumbing.

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sapphen wrote:

sapphen wrote:

-thoughts from the non-fiction side; why do we record our history? why do we have heroes? why do we tell stories about events?

Sometimes non-fiction stories are not told. 

I was in high school at the height of the cold war.  I didn't know that Russia was an ally of the U.S. in WWII until well after high school. 

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