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From the YouTube (soildmoe5)

I made a video on YouTube a long time ago and got a few comments. "Debates" suck on the comment on there so I'm linking the guy here.

The video >>> (not really important tho)

YouTube wrote:

Do you not want to believe. Allah is the All Knower. Corruption had happened and Allah fixed it by bringing the Quran. Will you not then believe when it's signs explain science and the future, which need technology of today. What else do u need. Just b/c u were brought up to see God as having humanly features, doesn't mean u have to believe it and give up finding ur true creator, Allah.

When you face Allah, remember that as you read this, you were warned..


You can go the the Rational Response website and prove your god. I have heard of such science from the quran, plus others, bullshit. BTW do you think this is the first time I've heard that, "WHEN YOU SEE GOD BLAH BLAH BLAH"? Also I wasn't brought up to believe in any idea god or forced to believe in "no god." The thing stopping me from believing is proof.

PS I have lost track of the number of "warnings" I have gotten about people's gods.


"Moreover He Comprehended in His design the sky and it had been (as) smoke: He said to it and to the earth: "Come ye together willingly or unwillingly." They said: "We do come (together) in willing obedience."

Surah Ha-Mim Surah 41 Ayah 10

Scientists agree that shortly after the Big Bang small particles or smoke (nebula) filled up the existing space, as this has been discovered in distant interstellar space.

To continue the convo...

From the wording and context it sounds the smoke is something different from the earth and Allah is telling them to come together like it or not. That is kind of interesting in that it implies the earth and this smoke has human emotions and a will of their own. That idea is confirmed when they speak.

Now if these two objects/entities are being told to “come together” that means these two things exist at the same time and are separate. The idea of small particles in relation to the Big Bang doesn't really match up here. You are saying the Big Bang states that small particles filled up space, but this would have happened before the formation of plants, or the mountains the versus before this one talks about.

If the smoke or vapor is really the 'big bang gas' like you are trying to say then the quran is stating that the earth was separate from this gas and allah made them come together. I don't think scientists would agree with the idea that 'big bang gases' and the matter of the earth were at some point separated as the earth is suppose to be made up of these particles.

I really think the quran is just trying to explain clouds here...

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They make these vague

They make these vague passages into whatever they want because the one thing that the Quran and the Bible neglect to do is say that every word should be taken literally. At least I've never heard of such a quote from either.

This means that they are open to be interpreted by anyone any way that they see fit. If people just looked at the Bible and the Quran in a literal sense, there would be nothing but random babble and bullshit. Which it is. But they dont want to accept that, therefore they contort it and bend it into something that makes sense to them.

 In some ways I really think that there about 6.7 billion religions in the world.


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