Views from a life long Atheist

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Views from a life long Atheist

As the title says i have been an atheist for my whole life.


To get a few things out of the way, reasons i don't post is that im not very intelligent biblical wise. So i read things and get lost. I don't care for the bible because my arguments and reasons for not beleiving in god is reality. 


I ask  the real simple questions and common sense things. The simplicity of my arguments may seem elementary to some of you. If god is real, and i never seen, heard, tasted (YUCK), felt, smelled(YUCKx2) him why would i beleive something i have never come in contact with? If he is everywhere why can't i see him, how can he been invisable? How does he live in the clouds, i was looking all day and didn't see anything. *sigh*. If god is all loving why does he choose to kill millions. I could go on about jsut simple realistic things i see everyday against the mythological fairytales that is described as 'God'. 

I think the main reason why people beleive in god is not the predominating factors but the falted, fake, 'hope' that there is some sort of afterlife. People can't handle the reality that there is no afterlife so why kid yourself when you don't have to beleive in the truth and reason.


Just some things i think about and wanted to share with all of you. Smiling


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I'm right there with you, man. I don't know much about religion, but I know enough to realize it's not for me. I came to RRS to learn, and in the short amount of time I've been here I've learned quite a bit.



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I agree also.  It was the

I agree also.  It was the common sense things that have always made me confident that my non-belief was correct. I signed up here a long time ago but only began to post recently, mainly because I'm a wretched debater and don't know enough to really base a good argument.  I have been trying to change that, and this site is a wealth of information.

If god takes life he's an indian giver

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I agree with almost all of

I agree with almost all of it.
There's that detail about God not smelling or tasting good?
Now, if God did exist then it would be as absolute perfection so good taste and smell would be garaunteed. Infact, if God trully was the perfect being that they make out to be then she would look, smell, feel and taste very good indeed!
When St Paul talked to the Greeks he claimed that his perfect God was the mysterious unknown one they had a blank statue to. It blatantly should've been Aphrodite instead! Wink

edit: I just wanted to also point out that your 'simple' arguments are more or less the same as the complex ones in spirit. The complex ones simply fill in details to make the points more solid.
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