Debate III

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Debate III


how can you say that God isnt real? is it because you cant see him? well you cant see air and its the reason youre breathing! does that mean it isnt there? didnt think so. thats why atheism sounds so stupid! because it has no logic behind it! and you really cant diprove God! so your whole page and your music is a waste of time. God Bless.

umm yea, i cant see the wind....but i can feel it when it hits me, its called being available to the five senses, and worshipping the god of slave owners that promote slavery, no thanks africans did no believe in that, so you might want to do your research before hittin me up again....Peace

um yeah guy think about it that dosent make sense! That means that he is the same God that forgives Atheists so that they dont go to hell. yeah but you jus keep on believing whatever it is you believe, because when you think about it, Atheism is stupid because they question if God exist but they use his name in vain all the time Oh my God lol not that but because they dont realize that without God they wouldnt be alive!

wait, thats your response? that we use some god's name in vain? LMAO well ok. which god? See You didnt address the argument that you got trapped in about the air, nor did you attack the moral argument about a religion bible or god that condones and allows slavery. but using a god's name in vain?
i thought all that time you were actually doing research. explain this to me, had your ancestors NOT been caught up in the slave trading net of the west africas, would you believe in the judeo christain god? no you would have been brought up to believe in gods such as Astar. Bo & Nyamia Ama. but ok, yea theres nothing wrong with the way you think.
Take care man Peace
oh and ps, please DO SOME RESEARCH before trying to defend a religion that was forcefed through slavery to our ancestors.

why do you keep referring to slavery? that has nothing to do with why you dont believe in God or not! stop tryna sound deep,with your deluded doctrine! ive been researching all my life! so dont try to patronize me!you know what? im sorry i messaged you because you obviously dont know what youre talking about! dont message me back cuz im tired of the lies. Your music and your page are still a waste of time! God Bless!

Nothing to do with slavery huh, well take this with you then.....
(Insert bible slavery verses here.)
You can bless me, ill just think for you

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Churchboi goes running off

Churchboi goes running off with his tail between his legs like a whipped dog.

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Hey, greydon. Here is what

Hey, greydon.

Here is what the SAB has to say: 



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