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St. Michael, They're All Yours

I'm now officially bored.

I guess I've seen one to many posts asking for proof / evidence as if the existence of God in 2007 could be discovered by a team of CSI's. It just goes round and round in circles.

Or as if they would believe evidence even if it was possible to produce it (St Thomas actually witnessed the miracles and still he was skeptical - yet somehow 2,000 years later, we're going to produce "something" and all of the atheists are going to pause and then readily accept the existence of God..!! - it's actually very funny when you think about it).

Hundreds of millions of people around the world - despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary - believes that it was Bush / Cheney / Rumsfield / Rice et al who were responsible for 9-11 - they engineered the events of the day and the massive cover up.

The "evidence" clearly showed that there was WMDs in Iraq. Even the vast majority of Democrats gave Bush a "blank cheque" to go to war based on the "evidence".

There's significant "evidence" to support the idea that the Holocaust was a myth - a big lie perpetuated by the Jews / Israelis.

Would you like me to go on and on and on with more examples of preposterous ideas which have "evidence" to support them..???

Enjoy your forum..!!

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Don't let the door slap you

Don't let the door slap you on the way out, rowdy.  I wish you'd hang around long enough to learn the difference between science, politics, and faith, but it seems you're completely convinced of your position... so much so that you won't even listen to evidence that you're wrong.

I'm curious... isn't that what you accused us of?  


Anyway, you can bring evidence to this forum any time, and trust me, if you can prove your god exists, you'll not only be famous, but you'll be directly responsible for converting every last atheist on this board.


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Note how when speaking of

Note how when speaking of the claims of WMDs and Holocaust deniers, he puts "evidence" in quotes; probably because there is far more evidence (no quotes) that there was no WMD cache, and the Holocaust did occur.  The question remains:  when speaking about the evidence for god, do we include quotes or not?

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If there were evidence, it

If there were evidence, it would be on the 11:00 news and we wouldn't need to have this discussion.

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