Where Is MY Post, Asshole who deletes worthy Topics

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Where Is MY Post, Asshole who deletes worthy Topics

A]re YOU God now? Locate me to my intelligent posting that has done nonething to post questions. Keep deleting my posts, and I will continute and poke and prod at all of you arguments. You think it angers me that I have wasted my time posting all that, to have it deleted? Fuck that! You provoke me only to go write a fucking book. So you mind as well reinstate my post, my topic as a worthy topic of discussion. Because, I know, I have started something, I can start anything. You all can start a wheel of Dharma which starts which using your fucking heads. Let me use my mine, and just ask some questions.

1 in 5 Americans believe we live in a Geocentric solar system. Who do you blame for that? God? I blame god.

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