New Youtube Video from BJBS team.........

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New Youtube Video from BJBS team.........

Silky did the final edit but all of us contributed to script. Awsome job guys. Also check out Silky's website after you watch the video.

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An appropriate place to pimp

An appropriate place to pimp one of my favorite poems heard on Def Poetry Jam.....

I met this single black white female
She was a valley-gangsta chick
A little confused, she said she was selling a bit.
I said, well if you're selling a bit? then I'm buying a bit.
She said she wanted to have cyber sex with me
So I sent her an email saying
Once you are on my web page
I'll know if we are IBM compatible.
My extension is longing for a power source
And your DSL is like an open bank.
I said I'm tired of playing with my palm pilot
Jump on your Netscape Navigator and get in my Internet Explorer.
And we can take a short cut through my neighborhood
And meet at my Interactive Playstation.
You know once she arrived at my site I served-her.
I interfaced with her floppy disk
I downloaded my hard drive into her software
As I was searching for viruses in the system
As I was about to set my margins
She jumped on my laptop
As she started scanning me for Megabytes
It wasn't Micro..soft
So she grabbed my mouse and double-clicked
I started to curs-or!
I said Mrs. Macintosh what the font are you doing!
Things were starting to get terminal
So that's when I opened my zip drive
Put on my surge protecter and polished my apple
Logged on? and hit the backspace
And jumped out the mutha-fuckin window .DOT. COM

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LOL Sapient

LOL Sapient