Religion stems from ancient pagan astrology.

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Religion stems from ancient pagan astrology.

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Very interesting video.

My problem is, We haven't ever taken on a sudy of religion. Our study is almost strictly one of the bible itself.

What I do remember is a theory that all what is dealt with in the video in the ancient sense is a story of something that was prehistory. For example, Egyption religion (this is prospective or an idea) is telling of something that happened pre Egyption history. If you watch this video (boring to most) you'll notice a common semblence of the religions presented. Our theory is--- that all the stories are, may have a common origin and is taken to different places as peoples migrated to different regions. And the speculation is---that the oreiginal was a happening pre history, and then enters history as writing was developed and over time the details got skewed which will happen over time. OK-So this story or happening has taken on the clothing of myth, which I say can very well be---BUT---at one time it may have been fact.

OK, I'm having a problem explaining.  Lets say that at one time the story was fact but over time it gets distorted. What the story is about is---something happened at one time that cause catastrophy, and the story would be that--- at some time in the future the damage will be rectified but history doesn't really know how it is to come about. Considering that we noticed the semblence of the story in different religions we didn't know what to make of this. So, we let it go. A much as I know, no Old Seer has an understanding of how astrology can have a connection with events in history.

It could be that astrology was applied "after" the fact of the catastropy as metephors/symbols of what did happen. In ancient religions our observation is, they use material things to discribe spiritual/inner things. For instance, sun is equal to knowledge, water may be equal to thought or mind. Astrology may be being used to describe a terrible mental incedent at a prehistroic time. 

Much of out take on the bible I haven't posted becasue it may take a a preachier look. But. lets look at Bilical genisis. Genesis my be prehistory becasue as we've found it is laid out in accordance with the use of the Hebrew Neumarical Alphabet, which give quite abit different story. The numbers used in genesis may have nothing to do with years or actual time. Just as the number in the story of Noah do not tell of a flood of water as H2O, but rather a mental condition of self destruction. That puts Nimrod in prehistory perhaps, and as the founder of babylon would not be the founder of Baylon we have in the history books. What Babylon means As we seeit, is Nimrod was an idiot and very likely the founder of the catastrophy that took place.

But, as I'm seeing it at this time (this is my own not the other guys) if astrology works I cannot understand how because none of us are into astrology. One thing that did suprise me is---we predict 2050 to be the time of, or, during the fix/change the same as astrology. It typically means a change back to what was before the catastropy. We determined that from our knowledge of things not astrology. We do not have the whole story and don't pretend to. About 1992, as previously posted, we left off. I for one got sick and tired of and wanted to move on, and so did the others. We expect others (whomever) to pick up where we left off as we are aware that there are other smart floks who are more up on history, religious study etc then we are. The video presented shows clearly that there are others more in the know of religious history then we. But, to put it this way, we are the experts (yeah right) on Chrisitianity, and from my postings it can be understood that we say what is claimed to be Chrisitanity definetly is not.

Christianity is not a religion--it removes religion and government, which meanns that the catastrophy that took place was ---civilization. There was no religion or civilization before it's instalment. What Atheists have to understand is---there cannot be civilization without religion. So, Chrisitnaity is the removal of both, as both "are" the same thing. It's a slick trick to seperate civilization and religion, so if you have civilization you will still have religion. The "Authorities" have to get there permission to be Athorties from somewhere, and the only way that's possible is--a fake God, ,that always turns out to be those in authority. As I predicted in previous posts, everyone on this planet will have take a walk through Atheism to get things replaced. Athists have to learn to be helpers and teachers, not condemers. The people need you help, not critisism.

I'll end this here , I don't care to get into preaching. There's enough of them dudes in the world as it is.




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