Finally, a forum for reason and critical thought.

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Finally, a forum for reason and critical thought.

Hi, my name is Adam in real life.

"Hi Adam..."

I'm a recovering Catholic. It's been about 35 years since I began questioning doctrine and faith.

Some people say they know they'll be gay at ages before hormones have given them those urges, and I'm no exception. I knew I was not only perfectly straight, but that I wasn't too keen about accepting these stories that I was hearing in church as factual. I asked my dad at five years old when Jesus was coming back, and he didn't know. It seemed odd that we didn't seemingly know a whole lot about what we believed, but we believed it anyway.

I now believe in only rational and critical thought. I try to question absolutely everything. I'm not the best at it, and I'm not the best at formulating a point, though I'll scoot around it eloquently enough.

I look forward to conversing with like-minded individuals. I hope I can help expand someone's horizons and I hope to have my already-gaping eyes opened again and again on here.



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 Welcome. This board

 Welcome. This board started long ago. It is very light traffic due to the competition of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It does get lively here from time to time. You'll find out quickly that even atheists do not always agree. There are 3 stooges here whom love to gang up on me, but that's part of life. 7 billion humans and we will not always say nice things about each other.


I am a former Catholic myself. My mother still is, more of a secular one doesn't go to church often, but still believes "just in case".


I value the likes of Dawkins and Harris and especially Hitchens. But a little known author Victor Stenger is much needed in the world. His two books "God The Failed Hypothesis and The New Atheism, demonstrate that god claims are hardly scientific and the second book especially tells us that our morality is in us, not the religions or gods humans invent.

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 Welcome to the forums

 Welcome to the forums Adam. The roasted kitten is in the back. 

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how - D.




                     Welcome to the dark side of clear rational thinking.  We do have the free introductory "kitten cook book for all occassions" available for the asking.




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Welcome Adam! There's a

Welcome Adam!

There's a pretty diverse group here, even language is a bit warped with some people. Dana mostly talks with pictures. Brian37 mostly talks with strawmen and lies. For example, he just said people are ganging up on him. But he conveniently leaves out the fact that he attacked those people maliciously and relentlessly, for years. All that he is experiencing is the backlash. Somehow he's surprised that when you alienate people, they all end up against you. Even if they don't all play on the same team.
In the past we had a couple people with amazingly garbled grammar. And occasionally we've seen people for whom English is not a primary language. For the most part we're pretty quick to get the drift of what someone is trying to say. We have quite a bit of experience at it. Smiling

I was fortunate to not be brought up under religion. Some in my family believe, some don't. But if there are any who try to shove their beliefs down everyones throat, I haven't met them. I didn't even appreciate what religion was until grade school. So I've never believed in a god.

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Hello Adam! I too was

Hello Adam!

I too was Catholic, well, not actually. My parents were and I was a good little munchkin and followed them to church but when I had the opportunity to stand up and question what I was taught with out the fear of reprisal I stopped going to church and told my parents I rejected their dogma.

Really silly to follow that religion when there were so many other religions out there which were better. When I asked them "why this god" their reply was "because the bible says so" and with that I realized that every one who follows stuff that blindly existed all over the world.

It staggers me to know so many people blindly follow religion.