Life Without Chiefs

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Life Without Chiefs

Some here areprobably familiar with Marvin Harris U of Florida (deceased).

My Daughter has been in college, and is now in her third year. She gave this to me today as it's what the basis is for The Old Seers mission as we've chose it to be. This is basically where we're going with the interpretation we have of biblical works. We see this as the misson of the book also. Our conclusions are also the same as noted at the end of the article. According to the insights of our Psycho Smurfs changes will have to be made to the world in order to survive ourselves. If any recall our interpretaion of the time of Noah, the social degradatrion finally ended in killing each other, and was not a amtter of H2o. This is also why on our website we introduce the idea of the Hamlet Economy. I hope the link works.


The only possible thing the world needs saving from are those running it.

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I can't open pdf's on PS3,

I can't open pdf's on PS3, but the title is sufficient to warrant a comment.

Society without a power base of people in charge is a pipe dream for the most naive anarchists. It cannot happen, it cannot survive. All social life forms ever observed create hierarchies. From ants to wolves to dolphins to humans. If there is a power vacuum, the strongest and meanest animal fills it. This is a simple fact.

By forming a power base that isn't dependant on the strongest and meanest animal in the pack, we have created a system that limits the ability of the strongest and meanest to take over. Dissolve that system and all you've done is usher in a new age of dictators and kings.

Only a fool would support such a move.

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