US Supreme Court and Obamacare/PPC

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US Supreme Court and Obamacare/PPC

 And the epic continues  ;

US Supreme Court hears challenge that could derail Obamacare



The US Supreme Court is hearing arguments over a healthcare law challenge that could threaten health insurance for eight million Americans.

The challenge rests on the distinction between federal and state-run insurance marketplaces set up as part of President Obama's 2010 law.

The high court previously upheld a separate element of the law in 2012.

But many of its provisions have begun since then and an estimated 9.5 million people are enrolled in the programme.

In King v Burwell, the justices are being asked to determine whether the wording of the law makes people in all 50 states eligible for federal tax subsidies that make insurance premiums more affordable.

The 2010 law, often known as Obamacare, set up a federally-run insurance exchange where Americans who were not covered by employers or other governmental could buy health insurance.

Individual states also set up exchanges, but most states - 37 in total - declined to do so.

Challengers at the court say five words of the law - "exchanges run by the state" - means only those covered by state-run exchanges are eligible for federal subsidies.

The Obama administration argues this is a too-narrow reading of the law, which spans near 1,000 pages, and the rest of the legislation makes clear subsidies are intended for all Americans covered by insurance bought through the exchanges.

Independent studies by the Urban Institute and the Rand Corporation estimate eight million people would lose insurance if the court rules for the plaintiffs.





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 A good example of why you

 A good example of why you should read laws before you vote on them. In law, specific words matter.

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Beyond Saving wrote: A good

Beyond Saving wrote:

 A good example of why you should read laws before you vote on them. In law, specific words matter.


Agreed....makes Pelosi's statement...."We've got to pass it so we can see what's in it".. look as if she was on crack that day.  


If it were me, I would favor a constitutional amendment which states that before a bill can be voted on by Congress in it's final form, it must sit for 30 days so the public can review it.