US/UK Fantasy Game Spying

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US/UK Fantasy Game Spying

Apparently fans of World of Warcraft are in for more than they bargained for Smiling

US and UK 'spy on virtual games like World of Warcraft''


US and British spies have reportedly infiltrated online games such as World of Warcraft in an effort to identify terrorist threats, according to media reports.

The undercover agents reportedly operated in virtual universes to observe messaging and payment systems.

The NSA allegedly warned that such online games could allow intelligence targets to hide in plain sight.

(I must say that I am highly skeptical that terrorists are busy playing World of Warcraft. At least, that is the opinion of the cartoon cat on the motorcycle).


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And they have been using a

And they have been using a virus that turns on your webcam. All in the name of stopping the terrorist mastermind known as Vastet by watching him play games in his boxers. Wave for the cameras!

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lol.this was always a


this was always a running joke in my guild about how there were spies from the government in the game (WoW).

there are so many different ways to communicate through ventrilo or other 3rd party software that if some one wanted to hide they could do it with ease.

we figured some geeks in the NSA wanted an excuse to play WoW while they were at work.




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I was shocked to learn

I was shocked to learn people still play WoW when they announced another pointless expansion.  I say if you play that game at this point, you deserve whatever comes your way.

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I'm sure gaming has been a

I'm sure gaming has been a focus for 7+ years by now. I'm not so sure that terrorists would use it, and I'm pretty sure that if they did the only thing spying would see was attempted recruitment and trolls, but that wouldn't stop them trying.

Fortunately I don't discuss my plans to burn the Earth with a nuclear asteroid in games.

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