Good example of stupid lawmakers

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 This is actually a good

 This is actually a good example of ignorant reporting. Just because one random guy files a complaint alleging that the law could be interpreted that broadly does not mean that the law will actually be interpreted that broadly. Someone filing a complaint with a court can say absolutely anything in it regardless of whether or not it is true. 


Section 4. Section 849.16, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:

849.16 Machines or devices which come within provisions of law defined.

(1) As used in this chapter, the term “slot machine or device” means any

machine or device or system or network of devices that is adapted for use in such

a way that, upon activation, which may be achieved by, but is not limited to,

the insertion of any piece of money, coin, account number, code,

or other object or information, such device or system is directly or

indirectly caused to operate or may be operated and if the user, whether by

application of skill or by reason of any element of chance of any other

outcome unpredictable by the user, may:

(a) Receive or become entitled to receive any piece of money, credit,

allowance, or thing of value, or any check, slug, token, or memorandum,

whether of value or otherwise, which may be exchanged for any money,

credit, allowance, or thing of value or which may be given in trade; or

(b) Secure additional chances or rights to use such machine, apparatus,

or device, even though the device or system it may be available for free play

or, in addition to any element of chance or unpredictable outcome of such

operation, may also sell, deliver, or present some merchandise, indication of

weight, entertainment, or other thing of value. The term “slot machine or

device” includes, but is not limited to, devices regulated as slot machines

pursuant to chapter 551.

(2) This chapter may not be construed,

interpreted, or applied to the possession of a reverse vending machine. As

used in this section, the term “reverse vending machine” means a

machine into which empty beverage containers are deposited for recycling

and which provides a payment of money, merchandise, vouchers, or other

incentives. At a frequency less than upon the deposit of each beverage

container, a reverse vending machine may pay out a random incentive bonus

greater than that guaranteed payment in the form of money, merchandise,

vouchers, or other incentives. The deposit of any empty beverage container

into a reverse vending machine does not constitute consideration, and nor

shall a reverse vending machine may not be deemed to be a slot machine as

defined in this section.

(3) There is a rebuttable presumption that a device, system, or network is

a prohibited slot machine or device if it is used to display images of games of

chance and is part of a scheme involving any payment or donation of money or its equivalent and awarding anything of value.

The wording is pretty clear imo and it is an extreme stretch to claim that it outlaws all computers. The legislature emphasized its intent to outlaw games of chance/skill. The only thing in question is whether Internet Cafe's can run sweepstakes and whether or not they may be required to ban access to gambling websites. 

Politicians are generally stupid, but so are reporters. 


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Well considering how the

Well considering how the constitution has been butchered by interpreting things a certain way, I wouldn't put it past the possibility of the law one day being used the way the article states it could be used. It really bans anything that could be used as a gambling machine, and computers certainly qualify unless they specifically have been castrated to be unable to access internet gambling.

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