I'm at it again & was Jesus gay?

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I'm at it again & was Jesus gay?

                      Knoxville Tenn.  according to a magazine article is the MOST bible believing city in America. So any atheist group in the city needs our support. This is in spite of the fact that it is also  home to Oak Ridge national laboratory and many other research institutes and the U. of Tenn.  The Atheist Society Of Knoxville and the East Tenn Rationalists, run a live phone-in program on their community channel CTVKNOX.org Tuesday's  5 to 6 PM eastern, so watch or phone in support;  I did.    {ego in control now} .  They must have liked what I said because they left me on for nearly 15 minutes, live on a 1 hour show. Give a listen I come on at the 19:25 mark,  btw the whole show is worth a listen.                                          www.youtube.com/watch?v=U61W3BRkryo                                                                                                                       The show is called Free Thought forum. I was checking through some of their archive shows when I came across a caller who was asking about a young naked man prancing about the garden with Jesus on the night JC was arrested. The young man is wearing a loin cloth when the apostles run away from the armed crowd making the JC arrest, at which point he hugs Jesus, looses the loin cloth and runs off into the cold night naked. You'll find it in MARK 14:51, it  all sounds very very Greek to me  or gay  or both.  Does anyone else here want to try explaining that incident. I don't even think Jesus was real but being gay may well be the reason his  Republican daddy let him die on a cross.       


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Doesn't matter if he was gay

Doesn't matter if he was gay or not, doesn't matter if he existed or not... there is no creator, there is no god.

So even if Jesus did exist... what he thought he believed was false. I also believe that the stories of today which most christians use as defining their belief system is made up folk lore and falsehoods.





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Scampering around in the nuddie


doesn't make you gay. Hanging out kissing nude boys in the park, might make you gay, maybe not. 

Mmmmm. Maybe when jesus said 'love your brother as yourself' he had something else in mind?

It would be great to find that jesus was gay (yes, yes, I don't believe he existed). 

But think of the torment of westboro baptists, and all the rest of them could it be proved. Priceless. 



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The motifs of the Jesus

The motifs of the Jesus character come from prior polytheism. But it would not matter if he was a real man or was gay. There still is no such thing as godsperm or zombie gods.

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