Why (and how) Bayes' Rule Rules, talk by Sharon Bertsch McGrayne

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Why (and how) Bayes' Rule Rules, talk by Sharon Bertsch McGrayne

If you are not already thinking as a Bayesian, maybe you should be. Learn about one of the most important advances in thinking ... ever!

Important thinking tool for rational thinkers. Excellent for helping you debunk junk thinking. This is a non-math lecture by a well-respected author, Sharon Bertsch McGrayne, who wrote a book on the subject. If you're not yet familiar with Bayesian reasoning, this will be a great intro.

NIST Colloquium Series: Why (and how) Bayes' Rule Rules-Author Sharon Bertsch McGrayne

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I've enjoyed that, thank

I've enjoyed that, thank you.  I have always been intrigued by Bayes' theory as a layman.  I think it instinctually goes hand in hand with pragmatism.  Many of us use it, without knowing what it is called, at a conceptual level while we learn, but are quick to abandon it once dogma sets in.  I think if more people were aware of it, we would be more willing to judge our own knowledge.  It should be the only fundamental epistemic method.


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